What’s the difference between meditation and spacing out?

Spacing OutAs I sat in a cafe, I overhead two women discussing meditation. One lady with lovely brown curly hair spoke joyfully, exuberantly about an experience. She was talking about meditation. I heard her say to the person across from her, “what is the difference between meditation and spacing out?
What an interesting conversation to drop in on!  The other woman spoke quietly, so I didn’t hear her side, but since I know a little about this area, it seemed like a terrific topic! (I would have loved to be in the discussion!)
Meditation is sitting still with a mantra, chanting, focusing inward or on a candle or object like a pretty flower. The idea is to go quiet.
Spacing out is when your mind is changing gears and you become unfocussed. It could be the switch in ultradian rhythm where every 90 to 120 minutes your brain switches the main focus from left to right hemispheres of brain. Crossing the middle of the road, the corpus collosum, you feel spaced out.  Quiet time.
When you think about diets, do you think about being tired, hungry and spacey? Well, maybe what you need is a nap. You might feel spacey because you are rest or water deprived. Dr. Ernest Rossi talked a lot about the Ultradian Healing Response which allows you to “optimize your health as well as your performance and creativity.”
In hypnotherapy sessions, clients get that relaxing break, except it is relaxation and direction to what you want to focus on when you wake up. So, what is hypnosis? This is focused relaxation. By focusing on words spoken by a Guide, listening to background sounds and imagining a goal, you direct your body and mind to relax, and then direct your unconscious mind to follow your new instructions. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. No one can make you do something you would not normally due based on your value system.
IMG_0015The next time you overhear a conversation about meditation and spacing out, smile, relax, and know. It’s all good … you know you deserve a break in your day. You are a valuable human, and so much more than you know. Be your highest and best possible you.
MORE:  If you are really curious, there is an interesting article entitled: Bringing Unconscious Choices to Awareness: ‘Default Mode’, Body Rhythms, and Hypnosis. Authors are David Hartman and Diane Zimberoff.  Check it out here. 

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