Where’s Cat? Here! Over there! Back yonder! Front and Center!
Oh, I know. I’ve been away from my blog for a while. I realize it’s really important to keep these things up, but the overwhelm of lots of computer stuff got to me and I ran away from home for a while. Please forgive me.

So, where did I go?

Well, actually I have been really busy at Apositiva, planning some new things. As my colleague TJ Helm would say, “mischief.” Yet, it is about “YOU.” So … if you think I’m not paying attention, think again.
Over the past few years I’ve been rethinking our programs.

  • What do people Want?
  • Who are my people?
  • How can I really help?

I’ve always enjoyed working with circles of women who are like flowers wanting to bloom. So, I’m going to open new programs with opportunities for women to come and talk, share their stories, and if they want more, I’ll give them more!

Any Certification Programs Happening?

We are currently finishing off the Certification in Hypnosis and NLP program, graduating our students in Hypnosis and NLP in April. One more program will commence in May, and following a few months later will be the Advanced Master class in NLP.
Starting in May, however, there will be a focus on gathering women to mentor, create, build, become!
Want to learn more? Stay tuned!