Whether the Weather is Weatherable depends upon your State! How so?
Ah it is another Oregon day. And as a true Oregonian you’re able to weather, equally, the grey and the blue days which are a part of our beautiful state.

State you say, is a state of mind and you don’t mind the grey. In fact you embrace it. Wet and green is evidence that you’re in the right state…the State of Oregon.

Imagine being in any of the many States that are facing a State of Drought. From almost any other state, our weather looks quite wonderful. They wish they had our grey and water. 56% of the country is in a state of dry, drier and driest.

So whether you enjoy, or don’t enjoy a grey damp day in the middle of July…it is a state of mind…and it’s also where you happen to be residing in the middle of July. Hope you’re doing well!

So to whether, or not to whether, is only a question. Maybe it’s simply, what are you doing with your weatherable day?

Hope you are weathering it well, whether or not you even noticed it’s grey…and if you didn’t even notice it, now that’s a true Northwestern…er, whether you knew it or not!

May blue skies and a gentle wind touch your shoulder with (mostly good) weather all the days of your life.

As for me, I think I will go and take a walk in the mist (-: