Met Fuzzy at Apositiva

Met Fuzzy at Apositiva

Who is Fuzzy? Fuzzy is our “Totem” or “Mascot.”  This is who showed up in Cat’s imagination for Pediatric Coach Magic! How do young people feel when parents, teachers, coaches, and adults listen to her/his fear, dream, or a youthful experience? You got it! Warm and Fuzzy. So, how do you help kids feel warm and fuzzy about their dream in life?
Over a year ago, a team of caring sponsors, a grandparent, a coach, and a teacher got together and talked. We invited a teenager to come in and help us portray a conversation with adults. It turned into a video. Then we developed a brief book to explain what we did and how you can create rapport with youth.
Our introductory book is now available that matches the video on coaching youth.  Cat Wilson, Rebecca Hufford, Rich Aanrich, and a Team of many more to come. More episodes are being developed.


You may remember that earlier this year we mentioned in our posts that we were looking for volunteers to help us in a Pilot to test out the manual and the program. Well, it happened! Apositiva held the May 2014 Pilot to get feedback on Pediatric Coaching Magic!  The feedback from the video and program is positive!


Do you want to be a part of the coaches talking about and becoming a coach with youth? A special workshop is being developed for people wanting to communicate better with kids. We will be announcing more information on this class soon!
Fuzzy and Pediatric Coach Magic are still pretty new, but if you want to be one of the first to get in on the magic, act quickly!
Fuzzy BagPediatric Coach Magic comes with access to a video online, a manual that explains what is happening in the video, and an audio cd with special guided visualizations. In addition, you will be invited to the new 1-day workshop, and future events with Cat Wilson and Becca Hufford to be announced for this summer! Your special introductory fee is only $195.
The first 10 people to order will receive a special tote to keep it all together!  This cool, two-toned tote bag has a zipper top with clever pockets for your water bottle and peripherals. You will find the manual and all the goodies that come with it inside.  This handy tote bag even comes with Fuzzy printed on it to keep you company.

First Come First Serve

If you want to contribute to that “Fuzzy” feeling, get going! We have a few available on hand to send now. Email or Call Cat at 503-525-0595.