By Cynthia Wilson

I have been reading a new book called The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock. As a young lady myself only turning 33 in next couple of weeks, I find the book to be very intriguing. I have never found a book that really describes a woman’s/lady’s deep need in the process to what her ‘life mission’ may be. What I find interesting even in my other spiritual readings is how ‘wisdom’ is portrayed…get this guys/men out there…as a WOMAN! What a shocker huh? Hmm…I actually find this a bit interesting. There are countless Biblical verses in the Old Testament that describe Wisdom as a woman—not a man. (Palms and Proverbs have many of these references I refer to).
Super Woman
Getting back to The Heroine’s Journey book though, there is a chapter I wish to discuss with you today—for both the women and men that may read this article. There is a time in life…tends to be around what some may call a ‘mid-life crisis’ I believe. There is a time when—men and women both come into a state of depression. This state of depression is not really a bad thing even though the USA society at least has made it out to be so. I like what the book said about this part of life though which in this book is referred to as the Descent to the Dark Goddess in the Hero/Heroine Journey:
In our culture, however, it is usually categorized as a depression which must be medicated and eliminated as quickly as possible. No one likes to be around someone who is depressed. If we choose, however, to honor the descent as sacred and as a necessary aspect of the quest to fully know ourselves, fewer women would lose their way in depression, alcohol, abusive relationships, or drugs. They could experience the feelings without shame, reveal their pain without apathy.
Though this book refers more to women than men regarding all the processes of the heroine’s journey, it is a process that even men go through too. According to the book I am reading, The Descent to the Dark Goddess is a process in life where we find our True Selves. It is the point in life where we connect our feminine and male personalities, thoughts and physiques together; the place where life somehow stops us from going anywhere for a little while. Connecting the male-female pieces back together is what follows this Depression time in our lives though. When one goes through this depression period—without being medicated, our lives are forever changed. There is no going back to the way things used to be for either man or woman going through this stage in their lives. It is a time that deserves honor, and respect both going through it and once either party (male/female) reaches the end of the process. Life is about growth after all and life would be boring otherwise!
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