Believe in You

Years ago, my brother told me about a book he read that talked about life and choices. It was “Your Money or Your Life” by Vickie Robin and Joe Dominguez. He said it really made him stop and think about all the ways he spent his “time and thoughts.” When you choose to spend your money on a stereo, he said, it would bring great joy, but “keep in mind” you have to keep purchasing the music. When you purchase a car, keep in mind you have insurance, repairs, and all the other fees attached. This maintenance becomes your life.
People who come in to work on reducing their weight, quitting smoking, changing habits, and even learning are coming in to learn about how they get to control their life better. By noticing how “thoughts about food” or “worries about social interactions” or even “keeping up with the Jone’s” can run everything, they know it starts with the mind.
Hypnosis is about changing the mind. All Hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and you need but recognize that intelligent people, actors, successful sports figures, business people, are all coming in and using it to make life better. Most people are walking around in the trances they learned, and don’t step out of it, because they don’t know how.
Be a smarter, brighter, clearer person, and start living “your life” now. Feel free to call us and come by to discuss how we can help you to recapture the most valuable thing you have. “You.” Whatever you can conceive in, and believe in, you can create and achieve.