TimelineTime. How would you be if you could change time? Do you feel like you were washed ashore on a planet of time? Lost and befuddled in waves of the past, you drift, floating along, thinking and feeling your past? Do you seek changes to a past that no longer serves you? Well, then it is time, isn’t it?
Come for a week-end of advanced “TimeLine” where you can move through an advanced way of being. This is a workshop for individuals wanting to make personal change.
You are a member of time and part of creation. You along with the universe, stars, planets are a “Divine Mystery” moving through time.
Be present and feel the power of now. It is your time to be in the moment. Come and learn how to use creative and powerful processes to move your being into a new experience. Witness the Hero and Wonder of It All!

TimeLine and Advanced Processes Workshop

April 30th and May 1st, 2016
  • Discover How to Use Your Own Timeline
  • Learn How to Make Effective Changes for Yourself
  • Step by Step, Recreate Yourself from Your Beginning
  • Experience Reconception

Requirement: Knowledge of Basic Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
Tuition: $249 /person (Prepaid by April 23rd $195 /person)
Sign up NOW. Limited space in this experiential workshop.
Call 503-525-0595.