Advice for Seeking a Fresh Start

Who knows better than the person who has lost everything in how to get a fresh start?!  Life, business, and relationship. The challenge, however, is that we naturally gravitate to what we know. How do we seek a fresh start?
If you want to find a new relationship you may start looking in the same place you met your last partner. Or you may find yourself looking for someone with the same color hair, similar hobbies, or common social sites. Perhaps you didn’t much want to repeat the relationship so you look for the opposite.

One Story

Seeking a fresh start means that you are on a new path. Years ago, I was finishing my degree and started thinking about a new relationship. My mind went to all the people I had loved and become close. Happy feelings and some not as resourceful came to mind. I began picturing in my mind who would be wonderful to be in time with now. My initial description for this person included this statement:

  • “One  who is playful, loves sitting with tea or coffee, humorous, enjoys walks and dancing,  interested in sharing family, someone who listens, and wants to be listened to in conversation, sees our togetherness as respectful and growing, and tells me “I love you,” and wants to work and play together.”

Defining the Highest and Best You

My description had some traits of those I’d already been in relationship with, but it also gave me an opportunity to begin with some new traits. Fortunately, I met “the one” and we’ve been together a long time. I say fortunately and I felt that it took courage to prosper in my relationship. Our relationship has prospered! Being happy is so important, and it’s something we learned to appreciate helping others to find, too.  Are you going to do what you did before when you start again? Or are you ready for something more? Could you be someone who is searching for the one and seeking a fresh start?  If so, we have have something fun for you.

Baggage Fees

We create baggage, and sometimes it’s in our mind. Not in reality, but we create a lackluster future for ourselves in our life, because our thoughts are stuck. Before you seek the fresh start, remember to “create a higher, more courageous and fresher you.” Maximize your joy and prosperity of thinking higher thoughts. Your attraction vibration will rise, a smile will be on your face, and you’ll be ready for “the one.”
Self help books can provide advice. The New York Times printed an article on seeking a fresh start and you  might enjoy the books to help you along the path. Click here.   In the selections of books, you will find a book called The Beauty Experiment, Wheat Belly Cookbook, and Making Habits, Breaking Habits. All looked inspiring!

Want a Fresh Start?

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