SpeakerBad Day – Better Way

Having a “Bad Earth Day” is no one’s dream. Using the wrong process to get a different result won’t work. You need to try something else. Want something different? Begin now with an event of your life that made you happy. That’s right! Remember when you were a kid and rode your bike with the air blowing through your hair and having fun? Or how about being handed a school paper with a “star” on it! Maybe it’s the giggle of a baby. Get the happy thought in place and the right vibrations start running … you align and sync with higher thoughts. Got that? Good. Now, let’s bring in something to work on … starting in a good place!
Today, I worked on a project with my “Media Master” and she shared a “worry.” She wanted to better train her clients (probably me, but you know the story about herding cats). Yet, she worried about not being good enough in relaying a message. (Note: I want to sidetrack and share that she is actually a Cheerful Message Master, but she didn’t think so.) Anyway… I asked her a few questions.
“Ok, if you want to be better, do you know anyone who speaks like you want?”
“What do they do that you want to do?”
“Well, their message is thought out, slower, authoritative, professional, knowledgeable, warm and engaging.”
“Hmmmm… Do you have an image of what that looks like?”
“Ooooo, yes!”
“What do you see?”
“A person at a podium. A man I know is like this – a GREAT speaker.”
“Ok. So, you’re the man?”
“Well, I am a woman who looks like they have that look.”
“Can you describe to me what else you see?”
“Hands up, wearing a skirt and nice shirt.”
“Is this guy wearing a kilt?”
“Oh, that is me… a woman.”
“Of course! Fine. So, get that image in your head of you being that person and try it on. Is it good for you now?”
“I like it!”
“Could you hold that image and practice it?”
“Sure. Then what?”
“See what happens next time you are speaking.”
“Ok! Thanks!”
She sounded pretty confident on the phone. Just so you know, she was online with me, so we’ll see how it goes.

STAY TUNED: As the Speaker Turns

After she tries this out, I’ll let you know how it works for her. Most people have wonderful results, surprising themselves!
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