Cafe Character Art Show - with Cat Wilson

Cafe Character Art Show – with Cat Wilson

It’s been nine (9) months, and in checking the rough estimate I’ve made over 500 sketches.  My sketches and a preliminary “start” of a book are on display at a local Starbucks. Want to know more? How did this happen? Read on.
As many of my students and clients knew, I wanted to stretch my skills in life drawing by sketching daily. The point was to improve my hand at drawing, so I could capture the essence of people, nature, and improve perspective. It’s been wonderful. More skill is needed, and as you know this means practice, practice, practice.
Playing with Robots - sketch of a boy having fun by Cat Wilson

Playing with Robots – sketch of a boy having fun by Cat Wilson

Sketches were given away when I could catch the subject. Over 400 to date. I made notes about the reactions with the question, “How does it feel to be seen?” The responses were delightful.

Imaginary Realm

Imaginary Realm - by Cat Wilson

Imaginary Realm – by Cat Wilson

Imagination and muse showed up many times and my sketches expanded into an imaginary realm. Pictures of characters from the imaginary realm were birthed through my pen-brush and sketch paper after taking walks in nature. It’s interesting when you connect with the environment on a regular basis that you begin to feel that nature – trees, grass, birds – are people. One day on a walk recently, I stood looking over the city from a location by OHSU and many birds flew over to the trees where I stood. Rich and I watched as the tree filled with feathered creatures. They sat above me on the branches, and it felt like we were all poised to appreciate the view!

Rotating Sketches

My plan is to rotate new sketches about every two weeks . I also will do a week of the “Imaginary Realm” sketches.
If you are curious, go see the first Cafe Character Art Show at Starbucks (near Fred Meyer and west of New Seasons). The second Cafe Character Art Show starts May 1st and will be at the Burlingame Starbucks (SW Terwilliger and SW Taylors Ferry).

Art Show #1

Loving Conversation between two people - by Cat WilsonDate: April 10 – June 10, 2016
4735 SW 77th Avenue
Portland, OR

Art Show #2

Guy Reading in a CafeDate: May 1 – May 31, 2016
8510 SW Terwilliger
Portland, OR

Cafe Characters Book

Cafe Characters book is in the works.  Please let me know if you would like to order one. At this point it is in the writing process, but it will be available this year.
Thank you to all of you who have supported this skill-building venture!