Cat Wilson and Rich AanrichLife is complicated.  Relationships, economy, environment, you name it! So what can you do about it? Begin where you are now.

Think Outside

Holidays sadly can bring up lots of stuff.  Got a relative who shuns you or your family members?  Dealing with heartbreak? You are not alone. Relationships may be uncomfortable due to miscommunications. Remember that everyone is always doing their best and their best may be different based on the context. Forgive them and go do the best you can where you are wanted and needed.
People are people. It matters not whether you are a professional, unemployed, rich, poor, old, young, as humans are emotional beings. Each lives in their own map of reality and it may not match yours.  When manipulative relatives leave you feeling drained, and you struggle with how to express your love, and then please reach out to others who are wishing someone would love them. When you find yourself worrying about your life and problems, why not look outside and see if you can help someone else for a while?  Get your mind off your issues and let the unconscious mind figure out some solutions.
Use your love, kindness and compassion to help someone in your path. Send your prayers and love to estranged family and act in kind ways that fulfill you. How? Here are some suggestions.


Help Kids FamilyVolunteer in your local school. I treasure teaching children communication and art. It’s fun and brings me close to youth.  Portland elementary schools and Beaverton schools have opportunities to volunteer in the Art Literature program, helping kids learn art and reading programs.
There’s not enough money to hire all the teachers schools need, and they reach out to the parents and community for skills.  Why not check in with your local school? Also try organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Girls, Inc. and any that you feel passionate about to offer your assistance.  Do you know about KIDS-HEAL.ORG?  Check it out and offer your assistance any way you can.  Your passion can be transformed into future youth potential.


Homeless shelters and kitchens need cooks and help. Try contacting the Portland Rescue Mission or look in the paper for organizations seeking helpers. If you look you will see people every day who could use a helping hand. Seniors need help, too. Know a senior who could use a hand? Reach out to assist one of our honored sages who could use an ear, an eye, and a hand. You can contact Volunteers in Action in Bend, Oregon.


Joe Luckow in ArmyMy father served in Korea. He’s not on the planet anymore, but lots of other people are because he served in the military. People who joined the military offered their life for yours. What are you doing to support Vets?  When military personnel leave the Navy, Army, Marines or Air Force they may not have been aware of what would come into their life when they became a civilian. Some of those in the service have been in for years, serving a country that promises loyalty. Maybe you know someone in the service that use a holiday card, food gift, or seek opportunities to recognize these honorable citizens.
Cat is a volunteer of the Veteran Stress Project and she provides support through EFT online, in person, and over the phone. An hour here or there helping another person is worth a thousand good memories!  Reach out to people in a way that makes sense to you.
Passion will show you the best road to helping others.  Got a special skill? Share it.

In Fond Appreciation

Thank you, mom, who brought me to help children with MS, Cerebral Palsy, mentally challenged persons, and visiting Mt. Saint Josephs when I was a child, AND who still answers the phone when I call. Thanks, Dad, wherever you are, for showing us your community involvement in making life better for others. To all those who asked my help: thank you for teaching me the power of serving others and volunteering in the community.
Want Self Actualization? It comes from taking yourself up to the next level. Contact Cat Wilson at Let’s have a cup of tea.