IMG_0661Choosing which direction to go in your life can be a challenge. Five-year-olds seem to have an amazing confidence in that they can be anything they want when they grow up. It’s your life. Choose to do it your way!
A college student is going to class and starts to think about what she wants to do after graduating. Actually it’s sort of confusing, because even though a path was laid years ago by many professions, it is different now. Growing up with professional parents, she just thought it would be easy. How did they get where they got?  She looks around. Who can help me? (A coach.)
A woman’s children have grown up and moved out on their own. Her husband is busy in his life (or ex-husband) and she wants to have a life of her own. What do you do with life skills? She could continue being a volunteer, but what if she could take her life skills and do more? She loves listening to people. Could she find someone to help her figure this out? (A coach.)

Choose To Do It Your Way!

Cat Wilson, Creativityologist

Cat Wilson, Creativityologist

A young business professional decides that they want to work on their own time schedule. Corporate life has been rough to stay on top of life and health and being more creative with time. What would happen if they could make a living a new way. Working on the phone or online, and maybe using the people skills could be useful. What can one do? (Be a Coach.)

Be Coached, Become a Coach

You may be a person who wants to do more, but in time we’ve all come to discover a world changing faster and faster. This is why I call myself a “Creativityologist.” I sit in process with others, coaching them to create what they want, instead of continuing what they don’t want. It’s your time now, isn’t it?
Growing Coach Training was designed for people who want to grow. Are you one of these people?
Some people come to class to be coached in a friendly atmosphere. Some people want to learn how to coach others. Either way you are invited to grow.

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Friday, May 13th, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. 
We meet from 9am – 1pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Stay for Practice from 2-5pm if you like.
Spaces are still available. Answer the call and “Choose to do it your way!”
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