What is Coaching?


Coaching Brings Strength

Come and learn in Growing Coach Training at Apositiva.
Five week-ends filled with fun and experiential learning.  Module I is called “It’s About You.”
Learn How to:

  • Activate Focus in You & Others
  • Rediscover Your Strengths
  • Begin Coaching Conversations
  • Activate Your Dreams!

If you’re new to coaching or an experienced coach … Come and grow!
All five week-ends give you full certification. Growing Coach Training is Board Certified.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS on Coaching Certification

What is in each of the five (5) modules:
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How much is the tuition fee?
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Is this LIVE or ONLINE training?
Apositiva’s Workshop is creative and interactive, and designed as LIVE training.
Components are available ONLINE so distance learners can participate.
Students may be directed to watch videos or activities online.
Parts of course may be presented on TELECONFERENCE.
Will I be a Certified Coach when I finish training?
Apositiva issues a certificate after successful completion and demonstration of skill training of all five modules. You can begin coaching at this point.
BCC-low-Resolution LogoIn addition, this course is recognized as Board Certified through CCE, Center for Credentialing & Education. This is useful for professionals who want the educational credit, and participants will complete an exam.
Click here for CCE “Board Certified Coach” information.
Where is the training held? Can I attend in person?
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Apositiva Institute
037 S.W. Hamilton Street, Ste. #1
Portland, OR 97239
Can I get support after the course?
Yes. Click here for beginning module and support by Rich and Cat.
Can I visit location and talk to an instructor prior to signing up?

Cat Wilson, Coach Trainer

Cat Wilson, Coach Trainer

Yes!  For more info, click here for Growing Coach Training.
Call 503-525-0595.
Email Cat. [@encode@ email=”catwilsoncoach@gmail.com” display=”Cat Wilson”]