Apositiva Coach TrainingToday, our Growing Coach Team graduated with honors!  What does it feel like to know you have graduated? Here is a personal interview with coaches graduating from Apositiva.
Cat: So, Linda, how does it feel now that you’ve completed the Growing Coach Training Course?
Linda: First of all, I’m very excited to get started as a “Transitional Coach” and I feel I have the tools I need to be REALLY successful and help people.
Cat: What was it like in your training?
Linda: Very supportive, fun, with a lot of humor and companionship. I acquired a lot of tools.
Cat: I understand that this week-end you completed Module V in Business Building. What did you do?
Linda: I feel like we got the resources in starting business.
Cat: Such as?
Linda: Such as networking with website designer Tearei Locke, and getting a domain as well as signing up for a website! I’m excited! And… having an interview with a working coach, T.J. Helm, finding out how the coaching business works.
Cat: Did you get what you needed?
Linda: Positively! Even though I’m sad that the coaching is over, but there will be other classes to take.  This was a great group and we all love and support each other.
Cat: Okay! I understand that one of the students in the class moved to Florida. Did they complete the workshop with you?
Linda: Yes! Through online and it felt like she was right in the room with us. It gave us a whole new perspective on the possibilities that media can bring people together when we’re farther apart.
Cat: Linda, Thank you! (sob) Thank you to all our new Graduates and to those who supported them with life events.

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