Confidence is the Name of the Game

Confidence is the Name of the Game – BVT – 05-27-04

“Each and every child has a potential, and if there’s one person who believes in them, they get closer to that potential,” Wilson said.  Yes, and I remember the moment.
Victoria Blake of the Beaverton Valley times quoted me in her article entitled “Rising Stars” on May 27, 2004. I had just finished the program I did in the elementary schools with helping kids gain confidence in speaking. It’s satisfying to help others gain confidence!
It’s 2014.  Reflecting back over time, I realize that one of the greatest joys is helping others to discover their confidence. When they do, there is a beautiful look of awe in their eyes, their smile, and their essence.
In speaking about the kids I also said, “When they have an opportunity to express something that has meaning to them, then they learn that they are important to the world.” This, I believe, is where the key to the confidence for kids and adults is located.  Being able to express what is meaningful.
When you have a sense of purpose you feel purposeful. When you feel purposeful and important you go into the world and confidently play your game. Confidence is the name of the game.

  • What do you feel confident about?
  • How can you use that to make a difference in the world?

Get busy and go do your thing. You have purpose and someone needs you.