Do you find yourself automatically doing what you don’t want to do? Want to change that? Catching the adrenaline and controlling your internal robot might be helpful.  Let’s talk about your inner robot.
Inside you have an internal robot. He/she captures a particular program and makes a recording of that event or situation.  It then replays over and over. Just like it was set up originally.

A Little Buggy - Photo by R H Wilson

A Little Buggy – Photo by R H Wilson

Where do these programs come from? You and your decisions. Some programs, of course, come from years of being a human (evolution). Some programs come from your mother and father (consider them shared memories and more evolution). You made the rest (self evolution).  You experienced events and felt emotions.

Maybe you were tickled and giggled with glee.  Now when your friend sneaks up and tickles you, giggles come rolling out like a bag full of popcorn.  On the other hand, maybe you were tickled and it didn’t feel good, and now you respond with a Karate punch.

It all depends on your response when the event and emotion got embedded in the circuitry of your inner robot’s program. Your earliest memories could hold a wealth of information in controlling your robot.

Decisions were even made at 1 or 2 years of age (or earlier). This is before you understood what you were doing.  However, based on what you knew in that context you made the best decision possible.

“Nice mama feeds me. Papa hugs me. Trust.”

“Dog bites. Don’t trust.”

Some people do try to “force” themselves to change before exploring how they got that way. However, inner robots are set up based on your beliefs, values, and decisions. If you don’t follow the original internal robot, and do something different, you may feel like something is off.  It doesn’t feel right. This is because your old robot is trying to run the program. Can it be changed? Yes. How do you change it?

Controlling Your Inner Robot

Ninja Caught by RH Wilson

Ninja Caught by RH Wilson

“Energy flows where attention goes as directed by intention.”

One day, you make a decision that you want something new. Time to check into the parts of you and find out how the programs, or actions/habits, served you at the time.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is the art and science of human excellence. Practitioners of NLP learn how to help weary travelers discover their path. It begins with finding out about where you are now and where you want to go, along with making what we call “higher states.”  States can be emotional stances, such as confident, timid, courageous, or feeling like a ninja caught.

What State Are You In?

What “state” got you to do what you did? Did you get into a frightened state and run?  Did you need to feel accepted by a group, so you did what they did (i.e. smoking)?  By changing your “old programmed states” into “states of control” you can rewrite a new and better you.  It takes a little exploration, but with a trained NLP Practitioner you get a guide who helps draw out your “Map of Reality.”

It’s Good to Get High

Feeling High by RHWilson

Feeling High by RHWilson

Once you rewrite your programs, keep your energy high!  Higher states make you feel alive!  It’s good to be feeling high in states of joy and bliss!

You may create “states” of ecstasy, confidence, strength, compassion, humor, etc.  for use in your personal or business life. 

When you feel intensely focused and involved you feel really alive!  That sense of intensely focused is comprised of a recipe.  You are an individual, and how you create your own recipe could be very different than your friends.

“Two ‘you’s’ operate inside of you,” according to Colin Wilson (1931 – 2013), a prolific English philosopher and author, who says you are about “49{8b3a2f999ba59642dfe826ddd554f6c9ff0174d7b182d4f1913e29042ced5c7c} the real you and 51{8b3a2f999ba59642dfe826ddd554f6c9ff0174d7b182d4f1913e29042ced5c7c} robot.” Two parts of you are operating, and if you want to change it you need a HIGH state to shift.

 Time for a Change

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Acknowledge the possibility of something greater, so you can experience your strengths. Come and experience a sense of power coming from your own personal depths. We can coach you in exercises to experience a higher life.  Be the best you can be. Start now.

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