Covid 19 changed the lives of many.

Personally the virus touched Cat’s family, and she lost a few members of her family due to the virus.  Staying inside and being safe became the priority.

Our Hypnotherapy and NLP Class began in February 2020.  Students came in for the first two week-ends and bonded. We met online for Wednesday Webinars, but for all day Saturday and Sunday every couple week-ends. Some people came from a distance and arranged for hotels and AirBNB stays. We always have a lot of fun, and our center is a beautiful, peaceful setting.

In March 2020, Governor Brown Announced Lockdown

The virus quarantined people, preventing all from gathering in groups and leaving homes. Since everyone was used to the Wednesday webinars we asked our students if they wanted to go completely online.  They voted, “Yes!”

Our classes have been on-site and webinar for several years, so it had become part of our students readiness.  All adapted well.

Apositiva went with the flow and accommodated our students with Live Webinars, adding to the curriculum how to do sessions online.  In addition all classes were recorded on Zoom, so students could review.  We held Break-out practice sessions, and came back to discuss in a larger group.  The quality of the materials was there in the manuals and we provided an online set-up for learning packages.

Our first Virtual Graduation was a success! See the smiling faces in the posted picture.

Students shared that they were already set up with clients in distant places.  This may not have happened had they not had this training on a Virtual platform.

Here are some comments we received from the survey on “What was your experience in this class?”

  • I feel like I have grown tremendously in the past 5 months and learned so much.
  • Great experience, new friends, lovely group, lots of materials!
  • It was fantastic.
  • Good.
  • I’m impressed with how much I  have learned after doing the final questions.
  • This was great, even with the Zoom format. Especially in comparison to my other hypno class experience, t his was world’s better.
  • Seed was planted.
  • I am incredibly grateful I took this course.

What’s Next?

Apositiva’s Certification Program in Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming will begin again September 2nd, and 5-6th, 2020Click here for dates.

Call us for an information packet and to sign up.