Feeling down? Negative stuff bugging you … news, attitudes?

You can change it.

Create a new theme for yourself that gives you a lift.

My Mom’s Theme

My mom’s recurrent theme is to put a bird on it.

Every season mom sets out fresh decorations, and bakes something – always including a bird. Why? Because birds sing and make her happy.  So, when Autumn begins it is time to put a tablecloth with autumn leaves and warm-feathered birds.  Curtains change in color to orange, bronze, and include some pheasants or ducks… birds. Autumn foods include something with spices like ginger and cookies shaped into turkeys.

She shares this bird theme, some call it a leitmotif, with her great-granddaughter Gracie and they enjoy the symphony of birds together. They both have parakeets, cockatiels, and even a parrot!

They make photos with themselves with birds and share them with family and friends. They sing songs together about birds. “There’s a bluebird on your shoulder…”

My theme is more of an idea. Kindness and Teamwork.

I believe that we’re on the same team.  This is the theme that reminds me that when life gets rough that we are all in this game together.  So, I look around and look for the other players.  If I’m in a place where I can’t do anything for myself, I look for where I can be of service to someone else and still enjoy playing the game.

When I feel down… or run into negative stuff… I check to make sure I’m physically okay and administer self care if needed with kindness.  I’m only human.

Then I check out my team.  People in my life. People around me. After all… as a human race, we are all on the same team of life.

Need a New Life Theme? Put a Bird on It.

Is there a dominant recurring theme in your life in 2020 that you want to change?

Negative thinking. Fear. Not meeting your potential?

Want Confidence, Resilience, Compassion?

You can start now with Coaching, Hypnotherapy, or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

It’s time to let go of the old theme.

You can’t change your present or your future when you’re focussing on the past.

Find a new perspective, create a new theme, and see your life with new eyes.

Call on me – I’ll be there. See you on the Field of Life.

(Hugs) Cat