Ponder your questions, then listen for intuition.

Pondering Intuition

Have you ever walked through a place, and something near you looked smart, cool, joyful, or just really right? We have a natural sense of intuition that takes place wherever we go. Many of you may be aware of it through a feeling in your spine, your stomach, or a twitch here or there. Intuition. Men and women have it, and children seen to respond naturally to their intincts, albeit may not understand them.
One day when I was out driving, I felt the urge to get off the freeway and take a side street. No reason. Traffic was good. I wanted to stay on the freeway, because it was faster, but the thought and feeling was tingling, so I got off at the next exit. Looking back at the traffic, which I could still see on the highway I thought, “That was silly. Why did I do that?”
Then, I drove up to a restaurant, and decided to go in for a few minutes and catch up on the newspaper with a cup of coffee. Sitting down with the warm cup in my hands, feeling the fresh steam of the coffee, I breathed in, and thought of one of my clients. I leafed through the paper and found an article that provided something that my client was wanting to know more about. I texted the information from the paper to the client right then, because they had told me how very important this was to them. Seconds later they responded with, “Wow! Thanks. Now I can get started! 🙂 ”
Then… sitting back, sipping the coffee, I realized that even the java tasted better now that I did this good thing after following my instinct.  Something inside me said to get off the freeway, I stopped for coffee, read the paper, and answered a need. Logically, it made no sense. Yet, it made a difference! Hmmm… I sighed with a sense of connection and satisfaction.
You may be thinking, “So? What’s the big deal?” Well, intuition is actually something that happens hundreds of times a day, and each little innuendo, each tickle is intuition trying to get the information to us that we asked for earlier. Getting the answers in these weird little journeys is amazing, too.
Want to make this really fun? Write down a list of questions or situations that you need help with in your life. Mini notebooks can help with this. You can also write down things that worry you and what you want before you go to bed. Then, open yourself up and notice the “slight” message of “Exit the freeway here,” or “Walk in this direction,” or “Call Richard to learn about NLP” or “Call Cat,” or “Be nice to myself today and take a walk.”  Any of these little quirky thoughts could lead you to your answer. Let me know what you find. I’d be interested to hear about your journey with intuition guiding you.