Food for ThoughtAre you wanting to be healthy, but need an example? Welcome to my meal tips! Here is some “Food for Thought.”

Food Tips for Healthy Mind and Body

Positive material around you
Presentation of your food and area is important. When you place food on your table make sure the items are pleasing and positive.
Healthy items
Gluten free, sugar free,  natural and fresh food will support most bodies. When you eat something make sure your choice feels good in your body and mind.
Got energy?
Our energy bars are healthy, gluten free, and delicious! Make a batch, cut them up, and pull them out of the fridge for the times you want them. You can find the recipe on our site by clicking here.
Eat like a King/Queen in morning and a Pauper at night
Your biggest meal is best in the morning, so your body can work it off. Your lightest meal is best in the evening, as your body is less active.
Supplements or Vitamins
Vitamins run the machine. If the food you are eating contains the A, B, C, D, E and all the rest, then your organs will play a better song. Have vitamins on table to remind you to take them.
Prepare, Plan, Assemble
Take the time when you put one meal together to prepare for another meal. Even if you save one half of a salad you eat for lunch for dinner, you will be ahead and feel good later.
Good Thoughts
Good. Put good thoughts in your mind. One that will encourage you is that if you are on a diet, loosing weight (although I prefer not to use lose and say “release weight”) tell yourself, “It’s only temporary.” This will be easier to stick to the better choices.

More Food for Thought
Would you like more information or tips on eating healthy? Would you like a health coach to walk with you on your journey. Contact me for a free consultation on the phone or in person.