By Cyn Wilson
Beautiful Morning in Portland
Have you ever had something happen and it just took so very long to ‘get over it’? This last weekend there was a guest speaker at my church I had a story to tell regarding using the materials I had learned from one of his seminars very recently. (The same seminar material just happened to be going on at the facilities that weekend via this speaker). I was very excited to tell him about a story using his material in order to make a particular local organization a better place. As I was on my way to speak with him, the music director for the church stopped me for a moment. He asked if I was in the Encounter Singles group and how that was going for me. I told the gentleman I was a member of the group and that is was going well. I then went on to tell him that I had been practicing the guitar and when I was ready, I was interested in auditioning for the worship team as a guitarist. He said something about looking forward to that audition.
Now, you may be wondering why this encounter with the Music Director was important. I had auditioned for the choir a year previous, and did get into the choir…before being released from it after my first performance with the choir. I had just joined the choir at the wrong timing that year is all. As it turned out in the reality of things though, his call was a good one—despite how I may have felt at that time about it. I had way too much on my plate of life experiences training going on at that time. I was working on my last year of Baccalaureate Studies and also some Business Training for the business I had become a more present part in. This gentleman I encountered just this past Sunday, was the director of the choir I also auditioned with previously. By this time, I had long let go of any feelings or regrets of my own from being released from the choir the previous year. I was now practicing the guitar for a grand design I am unsure of, yet I still prepare for anyway. I even added more songs with chords I am more comfortable playing in practice this last week. In doing this, I have been gaining more confidence and enjoying myself with each practice session lately. So when I encountered the Music Director again in a loving manner just by chance this past Sunday, I felt more encouraged of this grand design I have been preparing myself for with my guitar. It would be nice to have a place in the future with the worship team; I hold zero expectations this time around.
Forgiveness may take some time, right? Forgiveness however, is very necessary in order to move on to the better and brighter things we may have in our future. When we hold on to things that hold us back, how are we to then move forward? Do you have anything holding you back? Anything you need to forgive yourself for so you can move forward? This weekend is a short $50 workshop in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) called NLP Primer to teach processes that may help move you forward with your lifelong needs or goals. Call our training center at 503-525-0595 to sign up or view our website at for more information. We look forward to seeing you there and being your partner in moving your future forward!