It's a Fun Strange - Photo by Cat Wilson

It’s a Fun Strange – Photo by Cat Wilson

Animal communication is amazing. Every morning  little cat Alexa needs to follow through her ritual. She waits for her master to make his cup of coffee and sit on the couch so that she can sit next to him. Just sit, purr, feel his gentle stroking on her fur.
He is the one who gives her a kitty treat every morning, and when he sits on the couch to do his quiet meditation she needs to sit next to him. As he gets ready to sit down on the couch after he wakes up, she tries to wait patiently, but if it takes too long, she complains. The interesting thing is that she is communicating clearly. She is saying that she wants to sit next to her owner and she really loves this morning ritual. It is important to her. Interesting note … she does not like to be held or picked up, but she does like this ritual of her choice … to chose the moment and sit by him, then get up and go about her busy cat day … one she has done every day for many years.
It’s a fun strange how she operates. These important rituals happen every day that her master is home. Who knows what happens when he is gone and the cat sitter is watching out for her? She may wander the house aimlessly wondering, “where is my master? What do I do with my morning? What do I do with my evening?”
It’s a fun strange act, and yet this is a part of her regular way of working. Since you can’t have a conversation in words with a cat I don’t know if this is something emotional, mental, or spiritual in her brain. What I know is that she knows somehow to communicate it to her people, and that it is vital to her.
Rituals Move Us
I listen to many people in spiritual coaching conversations who tell me that they have a certain ritual that is important to them. Daily, seasonally, or otherwise … it means something special to us, even though others may not understand our joy.
Rituals can also emotionally anchor us, such as religious and holy practices that help people move from one stage to another. We believe that it does something for us And as such it does make us feel good.
I have a blessing for my meals that I do that is said quietly in my heart: “May love go into this substance, into me, and from me to others.”  Maybe you have something that you do … like Rich’s meditation? I also meditate in the morning, write, and read. This practice grounds and nourishes me … and it does something else … only … there are no words to describe “it.”
A fun strange is something else.
I don’t know how to describe it, but I wish I could put it into words. When I find something that holds so much power and light and joy that I cannot put it into the words to describe it, I have a feeling that it is coming from a higher place beyond the human me.  I would call this the spiritual realm. There is a place with God and the universe and nature where all seem to express some hidden beautiful magic, and people have different words to describe this higher level. It’s when you can’t put it into words that you realize this is something very special. And you are witness to it. Is this a “miracle”?
Cat Call
What is some sweet wonderful experience, the fun strange, that you get to enjoy in your life? Does it come through animal communication, intuition, or something else you can’t quite describe? Would you be willing to share your insight, so we can all rise to this new understanding? I look forward to hearing about your feelings. I invite you to give me a “cat call” and share your insight.