School is finishing. It’s a time of change for kids, and summer vacation is great! “I’m a second grader now! Yay! We get the summer to go fish, go play!” It works for kids. How about bigger kids?
Young adults who graduate from High School or College are in for a bigger change. After years of taking the summer to go fish, go play, go have fun, it’s time to move out into the world and find purpose. Do something. Get a job. No more playing. Get serious.
After many years of being taken care of, it’s time to take care of one’s self. How does one leap from such a height? How does one become responsible? How does one learn to communicate with co-workers and new people? It’s a lot to grasp all at once.
This reminds me of when I see a bird with a few feathers attempt flight. Still small. Then suddenly it is time!
“Jump! Just jump!” A parent bird is nearby and encouraging the youngling to stretch the wings and take off. How does one do such a thing when they never have flown before? Coaching. A bird nearby is calling out, “You can do it! Try now.”  Raising their wings, the bird floats up and with a little more coaching, the youngling is in flight!
We all have to jump from the nest and fly at some point. Yes, it can be hard, but we all do it. Some of us have coaches. We get into the working world and become the worker. We learn, we work, and we work and work and work. Yet… we must remember not to loose perspective, because there is more to life. Remember… we work so that we can play.

Go Fish, Go Play

At some point, we need to step back and become one with the child mind again. We need to remember what it feels like to step back, take some time off, go fish, go play.
If you have been out in the world for a while, you know what it is like when you get a few days off to play. You come back refreshed and energized! It’s good for you and it’s good for the world. Yet… we forget what we value. We forget how to have fun.
What’s fun?
Make a list of ten (10) things you value and enjoy. Start with silly and move to grand ideas. Pick one, and go do it! We need a balance in our life from the time we’re kids throughout our adulthood. Make time for joy! Go fish. Go play.
Know What’s Important In Your Life?
Do you know someone who’s lost perspective? Someone who doesn’t know what their values are? Who do you know who needs Coaching to figure out their values, relearn how to fish or play … we would love to help? Give us a call and we can explore how to help them get started today!