How I Became (a Hypnotherapist)

CatMy brother asked me to write a book about How I Became a Hypnotherapist.  He wanted to know what motivated me to do “it.”  May I tell you that it’s interesting to hear this from people. So, I wanted to take this time to talk about it (you can buy the book later).
If you were to go to the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association, you would probably find at least 100 people with stories of what led them to do this healing work. Contact someone from the National Guild of Hypnotists and you would find nurses, lawyers, engineers, massage therapists, graphic designers, business managers, contractors, cab drivers, dentists, and writers who practice hypnosis and have a great story on how they chose to do this work.
Many of them would tell you how they experienced a session in quitting smoking, loosing weight, overcoming a phobia, or some major feat that was really important to them.  Many different stories! When you ask me, I might say, “I was in the right time at the right place when the OPPORTUNITY came along.”
You see, I didn’t come out of Kindergarten and say, “Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a Hypnotherapist.”   My dear, loving Catholic mother would have probably reminded me that I could be a secretary (as was popular at the time) or a nurse, a teacher, or a mother (most popular). What I wanted was to be an Artist (and something else, but you’ll have to ask me personally what that is).

Been There, Done That

Originally, I learned hypnosis from my father and aunt who studied with a Psychiatrist in the 1970’s.  I worked many years doing lots of other things after I first learned of hypnosis, doing other things. “What is that?” you ask.
My career involved working in a hospital with dietary needs for patients, performing paralegal work for a law firm including a Congressman. Oversees I helped people overcome “culture shock” as military families came to a country very different than their own.  Years of working for a telecommunication company followed where I supported telecommunication engineers, developing standards of quality control, managing facilitation for workers (and office needs).  I started a design firm, where I worked with a team to design logos, newsletters, product displays, and corporate identities.  I was an Account Manager in computer training, sold advertising for a New York firm, and communicated with Pacific Rim countries who needed to repair lasers.  As a customer support engineer, I installed telephone systems and later developed training programs for large electronics firms.  All this while raising children as a single parent, and pursuing education at university full time.  “Wow!” (Mom upside down.)

Why Did I Do “It?

There must have been one specific reason to explain how I became a Hypnotherapist.  Let’s see …  I loved helping people:

  • quit smoking (which I did personally)
  • losing weight easily (ditto)
  • studying and remembering better
  • learning how to communicate
  • transitioning women to go beyond shame
  • bringing men back to normal after dealing with pain
  • giving children more focus and confidence in school.

Then again, I LOVE art!  Writing is a major pleasure. Training flows through my blood.  My highest value is family and people, and I deeply care about making a difference in the lives of people and helping my community.
Hmmm… I can’t tell you at this time. Well, I guess you can always call Rich and me at 503-525-0595 or e-mail me at and we can talk.  Come and have tea with Rich and me at Apositiva’s center and you can ask, “How do I become a Hypnotherapist?”