In Order to Make a Change

In Order to Make a Change, Check the Decision.

Is it natural or a trance state, that we have grown accustomed to having things be a certain way in our lives? In order to make a change, you need to know what and where to begin. How about decisions, beliefs, and responses?

There may even be comfort in having our lives be consistent, even when it might not necessarily be working in our best interests. Usually there is even a lot of resistance both from inside us and from others to our changing.
Charles Tart, Ph.D. (author of “Waking Up”) reflects that much of our life is lived in a consensus trance. A trance, where we just naturally behave in ways that we have been unconsciously conditioned to accept. This trance seems natural, like the way we are supposed to behave.
To break out of that trance is not easy and few will even be aware that they are operating in a trance. Even when someone is aware, seldom are they willing to take the effort required to become an awakened being. It is simply natural and easier to remain in that trance without noticing that we are programmed in a state of non-being. The trances of others enforce our own trance and our following along then enforces others in their consensus trance.
This programmed reality includes the decisions, belief patterns and our responses to virtually everything in our lives. Once a response to something has occurred, it typically becomes an automatic response against which everything else will be compared. In this comparison we will allow, distort, or delete everything we encounter by the current programming and filters in which our mind-body operates.

The Only Consistent Thing Is Change.

Have you heard that one? It is true that all around us the whole world seems to be changing at a rapid rate. TV, newspapers, Internet news – all continue to reinforce that everything is changing. So, why is it, when I have decided to change something, that it seems so difficult for me to make any changes, let alone keep the change when I do manage to make one?
The mind-body, which connects our physical, spiritual and intellectual being, needs consistency. It operates by checking everything against its existing knowledge, its programming. Can you imagine the chaos we would experience in our lives if everything continually changed, with nothing staying the same? We wouldn’t have any patterns of experience and memories that our minds could use for the comparison in making sense out of its inner world. When something enters our consciousness that is different, it takes our mind into a state of confusion. If the mind can find a way to understand this new information, and it again makes sense, then it will operate more naturally. On the other hand if our mind cannot find a way to use this new information, because of beliefs and programming, it will stay in a state of confusion and chaos rules.
Change means that we are wanting the mind-body to have something other than, something different than its natural pattern of experience. The existing experience includes familiar patterns of thoughts, body sensations, emotions, feelings, belief systems, and memories that are currently operating. You are asking your mind-body to have something that is an unnatural experience. Trying to make the new experience its normal experience.

It is very hard to pour anything into a container that is already full!

Change doesn’t happen easily. The existing programming thinks the current reality is the way it’s supposed to be and has reasons for it to be that way. Since your body-mind already has a preexisting reality, there is little room for another reality. That means there is much more needed if you want to have any new changes.
There are certain conditioned physical patterns that operate just like a stimulus response mechanism. These patterns will have to be changed. In addition there maybe a whole community of inner parts or subpersonalities that control what is happening, right where you are wanting change. These inner parts will either support your effort or sabotage you to protect their own experience of what reality is. This is a reality according to its own belief systems and programming. To fail to communicate with and get their support is to experience resistance and even dis-eases and a lack of any effective change.
smokingSmoking is a good example. Someone may say they want to quit smoking and yet are unable to. This is because there is some part of them that is not in agreement with stopping. There is an inner rebel or a younger child part that decided that smoking was ok, or relaxing or some other rational. Those parts aren’t going to give up what they are getting, just because another part thought it would be a good idea. Before the person becomes a non-smoker the other parts have to included and be willing to support that change.
Belief Change and Inner Parts methods using Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy sessions can help people make incredible changes! These changes create the results that are wanted and needed.
We are conditioned beings and must take in the whole person and all of the inner parts and personalities to have effective change. These resulting changes can empower us with the kind of lives you have or want to have.

The Quality of our Lives is directly affected by our abilities to make Effective Changes.

The tools and methods do exist. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy are two powerful processes, which allow people to make the changes they want.
Remember: The Ability to Make Effective Change Changes the Quality of YOUR Life!
See me for ideas and processes than give more quality to your life. I’ve dedicated a great deal of my life to helping enrich the lives of others, which also enriches my life.  Thanks giving yourself the time to consider what’s possible for you!
Richard Aanrich
Apositiva Center