IMG_0700In April one Starbucks location began featuring my Cafe Characters. Another location asked to show them in May. This is so much fun that I wish I had more place for my characters to go on tour. How did this happen?
Few people have known that one of my desires as a child was to be an artist. I did a little doodling in class, but to continue learning and getting better was put on the side-burner. Why? I had a family to raise.

A Mother’s Day

As a single mother with no support it was up to me to support three children, so I took the first job I could get and focused on putting all my attention units and earned income on my kids.
In 2015, my youngest – Richard – graduated from college. He said, “Why don’t you start sketching again, Ma?”  His sister Cynthia, who many of you have met here at Apositiva, has supported me by taking on work in the office so I could begin my day with time to develop my art. Happy Mother’s Day to me, eh? (smile)

Practice. Practice. Practice.

IMG_0683Richard and Cynthia have encouraged me to keep on practicing. As you may have heard the way to become a musician and get to Carnegie Hall is to practice, practice, practice. My sketching has made it onto two cafe walls, and for this I am fulfilled.

Inspiring – Cat’s Art Show May 2016

Are you missing something that makes you happy? Writing, carpentry, skating, running, horse-back riding, or art?  I encourage you to feel the spark and give yourself 30 minutes a day. This is what it takes to get back on the horse again.
Meet me at either the Raleigh Hills or Burlingame Starbucks in Portland, Oregon. I’ll be on the wall with my “Cafe Characters.”

The Book

IMG_6109Yes! I’m writing the book. Let me know if you are interested in a copy.
Cafe Characters is in iBook format, and still in the works. I plan to have it out as soon as possible. Thanks for all your encouragement!