It’s True! They’re out to get you!!!

By Rich Aanrich

Wheat Salt Sugar

Wheat Salt Sugar

We work with people who are confused by the messages about food.  “Cereal has vitamins. How can it be bad for you?”  Well, there’s a lot behind the cute animal on the front of the box. Our goal is to help people become more conscious of their unconscious consensus trance. There was a time when we trusted companies that processed wheat products and dairy products to treat us fairly and with respect. Sadly, most food … particularly processed … is no longer even close to what it started out as on the vine. Time to wake up!
Recently, Cat read an article and was outraged by the idea that food manufacturers knew about “child obesity” in 1999 and opted to “not do the right thing.” Rather, they chose the road of high profits and ignored the public good.  If you haven’t read it, let us enlighten you on a few things. The article we are referring to is: “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us”  “Pleasing Mouth Feel + A Food Designed to Addict” by Michael Moss (NY Times February 24, 2013.)

Remember When Yogurt was Healthy?

Stephen Sanger, head of General Mills, suggested that “the consuming public is fickle, it’s our job to make a profit, don’t talk to me about nutrition.” You might remember when yogurt was a healthy option? Well, General Mills  are the ones who took Yoplait Yogurt and added so much sugar that they turned it into a desert masquerading as a healthy snack!
The article is very enlightening and so worth your reading as they cover how companies including Frito Lay, Dr Pepper, Tobacco companies (who now own food companies) and in fact most food products are designed to has enough salt, sugar and attractors that you can’t get filled and want more. (It’s called Vanishing Caloric Density”) Or how about the thinking of Coca-Cola, “whose goal has been to outsell every other thing people drink, including water and milk.”
Throw a few Billion Dollars worth of advertisements in all manner of media and hire people to go into poor areas like New Orleans, Brazil, etc. and convince them they need coke more than water? Wow!
Junk Food Trails
When  you see rows and rows of special deals on junk food, ask yourself, “What will happen inside of me when I eat this?”  Cat has a funny way of applying it. She says “Hmmm.  which thigh will I have room for these on?”  If you find yourself craving salt, it’s a sign. STOP.  Hypnosis is useful for changing behavior and reframing. This is where we can help you. All it takes is an appointment and the time to attend to more valuable parts of life. You!

Think Twice

I am sad to say that we have to think carefully before putting a pretty package of food in our precious bodies.  You can’t judge a book by it’s cover… the same goes for a package of “potatoes.” It is a lecherous society of some greedy food companies when almost anyone who dares to speak up or point out how unhealthy the current eating choices are that are being promoted … aren’t treated nicely. After all … in their minds (and pockets) it is about the Profit Margin, Stockholders Shares, and Bonuses…not you!  It’s time for a change.
Check out this article and I hope you find it as illumination. Our hope is that you will stop and think and then eat a bit healthier too … because, it is about you!  You count.

Spring Cleaning

When you do your “Spring Cleaning,” be sure to empty out the cupboards of any “junk.”  Call Cat or Rich for Spring Cleaning with Your Life, and use the special gift certificate below good for $20.00. Check out our Workshops for Better Living.  Give us a call at 503-525-0595 and we’ll help!
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