Just a spoonful of imagination

Just a Spoonful of Imagination by Rick Wilson

Just a spoonful of “what” makes the medicine go down? Think of something happy, or better yet “imagine” and let’s see. Grab your spoon and join me. In 2014, let’s shoot for the stars!
“Mary Poppins” was a popular movie when I was a little girl. This musical brought many fun songs that delighted and inspired us, including “Just a Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down.”
We sang, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine …” when mom gave us antibiotics for sore throats.
We sang, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the homework …”  in grade school (and the teachers loved it.)
We sang, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the snow shoveling …” when it was freezing and snow piled up.
This one simple song got a little child through a task, because we saw a movie and were given a song to sing with the situation. How clever children can be with their imagination!  It makes me wonder how much we as adults can do when we take up some of their goofy fun!

Just a Spoonful of Imagination

A new movie was released over Christmas, called “Saving Mr. Banks” where the story is revealed about how “Mary Poppins” was created by Walt Disney. It is sweet and mesmerizing, as we discover how something as simple as a story can take us on such a mind set … a journey.  When the writers and music writers are putting together, “Just a spoonful of Sugar,” you get a sense that this was work. Yet, the movie gave us a feeling that a woman just peeled the music from the air and played it for children to help them take their morning “medicine.”  Typically there is another story behind the story. Mix your story with a spoonful of imagination and you have a musical!

Just a Spoonful of Worth

Your life is a story. You create it bit by bit, sometimes bite by bite. When you put the words together, what are you creating?  Remember that every story begins with a word. The word leads to a sentence. The sentence leads to a paragraph The paragraph leads to a story book. Begin now with “Just a spoonful” of this or that and create a life you want to live.  You are so much more than you know!

Offer of Just a Spoonful of Coaching

Want just a spoonful of coaching?  Just a spoonful of coaching makes your life nice!  Would  you be willing to use your imagination and shoot for the stars, because you want more in your story? Give Cat Wilson a call at 503-525-0595 and you may receive one (1) free hour of coaching throughout January, 2014. Happy New Year!