light healing… you are a light being, made of light. You have strength inside that can shine through you.  Learn how to use energy healing to enhance your life.
The Egyptians knew you were made of light, and wrote about it in the Book of the Dead. As light beings we all carry uniqueness, special colors, reflections, vibrations of light. (You may even begin to wonder, “what color is my light?”)
Knowledge and wisdom is stored in your light, in your body, and ready to use… so much knowledge inside, yet how many people do you know that sit in the dark and look for messages outside. “Am I okay?” “Is this good?” “Where do I go from here?” Answers are inside the heart, the mind, and the gut. Let’s follow the light and see where it took one person.
Johan Boswinkel is a man who listens to his heart and uses his mind. He was intensely curious about the body and learned as much as he could by reading and taking classes, because he wanted to learn how the human body worked.
One day, exhausted from his work Boswinkel went into an Accupuncturist for treatment. This healer helped him feel better and lighter! Grand thought! The Accupuncturist needed to shed some light on an article he wanted to read, but it was in another language. He asked Boswinkel to translate this article from German into English, as Boswinkel knew both languages. The article written by German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp discussed research on cells emitting an extremely faint light. Popp called that light “biophotons” and demonstrated how they direct the human body’s processes biochemically. The more Boswinkel learned the more excited he became! Talk about seeing the light! He discovered a machine that could heal using light!
Through his years of experimenting, Boswinkel’s light healing helped people with allergies, Lyme disease, cancer, and helped others as he showed how the body reflected health and disease. You could say his light led the way for him and others.

Light Healing

Self TalkThe essence of healing is imbibing the virtue of health through some connection. Health begins in the mind. Mind moves the body. That is one reason why so many people come in for Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP); they know they need to change the thoughts that interrupted their bodies natural healing. Connecting with the initial ideas that started problems and changing the thought stream brings light to the issue. Light heals.
Who can heal? Doctors and Nurses are first on board the healers we turn to for the human body. Also, wise people have discovered the hidden treasure of the Practitioners of Energy Healing, Reiki, Hands-on Healing, Reconnection, and natural Nurses of compassion and love who heal with intention and prayer. Yet, have you ever considered what you can do for yourself and others? You can be a healing practitioner using EFT, Hypnotherapy, and NLP.  You can begin with Apositiva, where we train with many years of practice.  Our classes use demonstration and experiential training.
richcatHow do we know what we know?  We’ve learned from the originators of many processes, and after becoming instructors taught many people over 20 years.  Our classes are small, and we take the time to let you learn in a safe environment. After classes, our students know they can call and keep in touch for future conversations on what they learned.
Take a moment for yourself. If you are needing personal healing, consider these steps.
Five (5) simple steps to enhance your inner light using EFT an energy healing process.

o   Notice where your body feels discomfort or dis-ease
o   Feel the intensity and calibrate it on a scale from 10 (high) to 1 (low).
o   Listen to conversation and self talk inside you about the moment
o   Write notes about Feelings, Intensity, and Self Talk and bring it to a session.
You can feel your light shine as you clear away the darkness.  We are here to work with you and perhaps bring a lighter sense of being.
Energy Healing can return you to a sense of ease, lower the intensity of flooding emotions, and help you clear the self talk, so you feel lighter. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is wonderful.
Call us at 503-525-0595 today for a free consultation to discuss how sessions can help. Or let us know if you want to learn how to become a PRACTITIONER and we can show you how you can begin.