Lost In Innerspace

How big is your Innerspace?Can you remember when life seemed to have more meaning? When did it change? What was happening or not happening when it changed? How can you get your life back or more on track?

Many people notice life changes when the sun hides out behind all the gray skies for extended periods. Others find it happening after some change in their life. Anything from moving, job changes, relationship changes or not having a relationship, thwarted dreams, plans or goals. There are lots of reasons aren’t there?
Have you felt yourself spinning in space, seemingly stuck or not moving at all or floating aimlessly? Innerspace is a big place and our unconscious mind is not limited to the small cavity inside our head … it has infinite space to store things as well.
Supposing any of the above is true for you, what can you do to change?
Ahh… good question. So glad you asked! The really good news is, according to some very insightful people (Buddha, spiritual leader; Abe Lincoln, President; William James, father of American Psychology), our realities are a sort of ‘mental construct’ in which we unconsciously create our programs or patterns virtually every moment.
Now back to being Lost in Innerspace.  Good news! There are ways to work with the mind to create more resourceful or useful patterns and programs! You can gain direction and control of those areas that have gotten away from you. How might someone make those wonderful changes and have life feel more meaningful or connected again? The answer might surprise you and then again for many people it will be of course.
You can learn to make those wonderful changes. I would like to show you how to use something that is designed to get past the conscious mind and work where the ‘mental constructs’ are happening. We work together by using a proven process.  Hypnotherapy and it’s cousin NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be amazing ships to help you navigate your Innerspace. You can redesign or redefine your Innerspace. Let me show you how.
Discover more on how to work with your own Innerspace. Connect with me. Call Rich at Apositiva for Counseling, Coaching and Training at 503-525-0595 or email  [@encode@ email=”richaanrich@gmail.com” display=”Rich”]   I would look forward to being your guide.