Imagine. Create. Be loved. by Cat Wilson

Imagine. Create. Be loved. by Cat Wilson

What is the difference between Mindfulness and Hypnosis? Come and find out. This week-end we will give a sampler on hypnosis and mindfulness.
Sampler: Basic Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness
Dates:    April 16 and 17
Times:     Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm & Sunday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tasty tuition: $35 per Entree (Call to R.S.V.P.)

Mindfulness and Hypnosis – Sample a Day or Two

Taste the difference or learn how they are similar. Or learn how they are different yet share some similar experiences.

All entrees come with a healthy side of fun, food, learning, and frolic! Come to enjoy the delicious atmosphere, enjoy the “Richness” and “Catplay”, as well as  Coffee, Tea, Fruit, and Energybars (our special recipe) and Course Material provided.

Entree #1 – Hypnosis

Destress the HolidaySaturday, April 16 (9am – 12pm):
1) What is hypnosis?
2) 5 Steps in Hypnosis
3) Use of Inductions
4) Progressive Relaxation
5) Self Hypnosis

Entree #2 – Mindfulness

Sweet Pause by Cat Wilson
Sunday, April 17 (9am – 4pm):
1) What is mindfulness?
2) Tao mind breathing
3) Color the world inside
4) Body Movement
5) Nothingness
After this fabulous sampler, you may want to keep going to learn Hypnotherapy-ology and Mindfulness-ology and Creativity-ology.
IMG_6059By the way, if you are a student in alternative therapy learning courses, you may enjoy tasting our special entrees.

No competition – it’s about collaborating.

Rich and Cat are collaborative and synergistic trainers. It’s about sharing and everyone growing higher and better. One of our students recently told us that she went to another alternative training center and asked them about their training; the owner of the training center bent her ear by putting other instructors down. Our response was sadness. (sad face) We would love to have all people interesting  in collaborative learning and community sharing come to enjoy this week-end serving of interesting and delicious fun!
Come and be open and we will be open to sharing. We’re all in this world together, so let’s balance our energy and be mindful.
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