New Launch for Apositiva’s Website in 2013

IMG_1214Did you ever look up and see how the cloud formations change? Well, change is in the air, Folks. Very soon (perhaps happening as you read this) Apositiva will launch a new website.
As we take off into new areas of helping our community and welcoming people into the experience of our services we want to give you what you want.
Our goal in creating educational training programs is to help you be the highest and best possible practitioner.
Our goal in offering sessions is to help our honored guests define what was holding them back, and how to achieve your desired state.
Transitions can be interesting, so we ask for your patience as we move through this website launch. We welcome your feedback. Thanks for listening and we look forward to the delights of all we can do together.
Enthusiastically yours,
Cat Wilson, Richard Aanrich
and Our Team of Amazing Associates
Our Mission is helping people and companies in ways that define and support a positive change.