OLPs to Perks to Feel Better

Shine Inside

Do you wake up with “OLPs” Obnoxious Little Pains? This is when parts of you feel achy, slow, just not all 100{8b3a2f999ba59642dfe826ddd554f6c9ff0174d7b182d4f1913e29042ced5c7c} happy.  You do if you find yourself saying things like “Groan…  I feel pain in my back, joints, head, etc. I’m so sad.”  Want to change how you feel? Let’s talk about state management.
Your brain hears “pain” and repeats the expression of it in clusters of ideas about what you relate to with the word “pain.” Words like: discomfort, hurt, emotional sadness, grief, loss, desperation, depression, loneliness, betrayal.  Not meaning to, but because you only said it, the “P” word filters your day with a kind of fog. What you want is to feel good again, right? So, let’s change states! Go to the opposite…  “Everything Feeling Wonderfully” or “EFW” (pronounced like it rhymes with “Achoo”).

Managing the Gang with Gratitude

Let’s start with “gratitude.” When you wake up and notice OLPs, do a “check in” to help “the gang” feel better (the gang includes all the parts of your mind and body). Set yourself up for a successful outcome. Begin with the intention to listen to all your inner parts so you can help the gang feel better. When  your body responds with, “It hurts inside and it’s boring outside.” Say, “Thank  you. What do you need?”  Address the needs with “Perk Me Ups.”

State Management with Perks

“Perk Me Ups” or PMUs can include: 1) Movement, 2) Healthy Ideas, 3) Nutrition, and 4) Appreciation.
1) Movement – Get up and start moving around. Stretch. Dance. Walk.
2) Healthy Ideas – What makes you happy? Sound of chimes, smell of vanilla, feel your pet, taste of toothpaste? (Okay, so the toothpaste could be improved…)
3) Nutrition – Protein like fish or eggs, warm veggies cooked in olive oil, baked apples with cinnamon sticks, green tea with a splash of honey… and you know the rest.
4) Appreciation – Lotion up your hands and say, “I’m learning how to like myself more” or “I love my arm, my leg, my mind.” Speak positively and appreciate five areas or people or ideas around you. “I appreciate liquid sunshine that creates a green paradise in Oregon.”
When you start listening in quiet stillness of who you are, you begin to open up to your possibilities.  Begin now with positive state management. When the “OLPs” come along remember to “EFW” with your “PMUs” every day! (Take Sundays off if you like, so you can have your contrast.)

You are so much more than you know! 

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