Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash

Are you feeling frustrated in life? People? Need a shift? This blog is to share how you can improve your life experience in simple ways. One change makes a difference. These tips could help you feel better about people and dealing with processes in your life.
My brother told me the other day that he went vegan. Not a religious choice, but one for health. His cholesterol dropped, weight went down, his illnesses lessened, so he doesn’t feel sick so often. He said his life is better, because of “one change.” His wife and kids are trying it out, too, and they are having more fun with the process of making new food. A colleague changed her career from one of a well-paid business in advertising to yoga. She has a new act! She is moving her body with new stretches and positions, said she’s feeling fulfilled with meeting different people, as she patiently shows them how to move and meditate. Change can be good for you and the people in your world.
People are funny. We know we need to do something, but we hold back. We want something, but we don’t take steps to get it. People are funny. We have a flexible body capable of all kinds of fun movement, song, and inspiration, yet so many of us get stuck in one position at a desk all day, forget to sing (who cares if you’re an alto or a soprano or whether you’ve ever had a lesson?). We read the same books, listen to the same news, and lose out on amazing ideas and positive events. We need to flex our body and our mind. My friend Maria Osteroth brings interesting films from Mexico and presents them in a local theater with the story of the people. Maybe a walk outside is just what you need. Spring birdies are hatching and their song is right outside the window.
Everyone is different. My Culture 101 professor started the class saying, “Everyone is different!” She spoke to a room filled with curious seekers of understanding culture. Her inspirational phrase inspired me to appreciate all the differences in the room. In my class were students from South America, Turkey, France, China, Mexico, and that strange country of Texas. Each of the people shared perspectives that awakened in me a desire and hunger to learn more about them. We are the same in many ways, skin, nails, hearts, breathing, and we also can enjoy our differences in voice, ideas, dreams, joys in perspective. We get to enjoy our differences to make life a more interesting experience. Everybody is different.
One changes by one act. A little song like Zippity Duda is an old one, and yet it’s perky enough to make you feel like dancing. Put on a shirt you haven’t worn that’s goofy and set the stage for a 10-minute character shift. One new act in your day can give one new perspective.
Patience is a virtue. I want to buy a carload of flowers and plant them right now. Right now. Never mind that I have other tasks waiting. Why is that pie taking so long to cook? I want to eat it now. Patience is a virtue. The flowers will be more fun to plant when I have a space in time that is unrushed, when I can get my hands dirty. The pie is better fully baked. Patience is a virtue.
Love shifts the mind. Change is especially hard when it involves others. One of my friends is moving her parent from another state to her area, so she can care for her in a time of physical need. Her retirement is now affected in a way she hadn’t planned. Everything is taking so much time, and she feels it. Yet, she loves her mother and is happy to have her closer. I am looking at changes in my world and space with people. Change can be overwhelming if you focus on the negatives, and that can affect the other areas of life. Yet, I love the people in my world very much. I have learned that I can turn and look at things another way – seeing the good parts, rather than the loss, and gain in the joy and bounty that will arise in connection. Love shifts the mind.
Enjoy the process. Remember the Mary Poppins song Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down? It is true. Owning a small business requires attention to clients, administration, machines that you rely on, and the list goes on and on. The sugar in my spoon is listening to music in the background, such as right now as I write this article. Hearing an upbeat song and tapping into uplifting energy helps me enjoy the process. Layering your work and processes with motivational sensory experiences can make a difference. Are you into smells? I wash my hands with scented soaps (lately I’m into the spearmint smell of Everyday People soap). As I file papers in my office, I stop to smell, breathe, and feel how good it is to be organized in a clear space.
Here are 6 Tips:

  1. People are funny
  2. Everyone is different
  3. One changes by one act
  4. Patience is a virtue
  5. Love shifts the mind
  6. Enjoy the process

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