Albrecht Durer's print of "Rhinoceros" - from Photobucket

Albrecht Durer’s print of “Rhinoceros” – from Photobucket

… What is a line? It is a series of points … that when connected make a line … moving your attention into a world of images. How is your world progressing? Look at the points.
I do volunteer teaching in Art Literature in local elementary schools. Aspects of drawing, history, and questioning the nature, value and beauty of art are all a part of the program from Kindergarden to 6th Grade. Even the youngest kids “get” how to connect dots/points and create a world outside of them from what they understand. They take a crayon, moving it along the paper with a series of points … and “Walla!” They are Artists!
One artist we studied was Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) who made an unusual woodblock print of an animal that was described to him. He never actually saw a rhinoceros, but he took the description from a letter his friend sent him and decided to make a picture of it.  It’s interesting to see where he connected the dots.
You are art.
Life is made up of a series of points. The more experience, or the more years you have, the more points. Looking back and connecting them you may see a picture revealed in the landscape of your life. Perhaps you see lots of travels to different places. Maybe your points have included interactions with many, many people creating a lovely pastel or watercolor like Monet’s gardens. Your dots may reveal a “great hall” with portraits of Kings, Queens, Knights, Maidens, Musicians, and Poets.
Looking Backwards
Time reveals the pictures and art of your life. Looking back you can see where you learned something. Tough experiences may have taught you to be brave. Soft and loving interactions with others may have given you grace, sensitivity, and culture. Practice in meeting your curiosities may have created a tapestry that you can hang on your wall like a diploma.
The Path of the Moving Points
In your life you can learn and create something good. You can look at your life and draw conclusions of where you were and even design new points of interest, so you can extend your world into the future. Your life is yours to live. Create a picture that you can appreciate and enjoy. Remember that there will be dark and light spaces, and it all works together in contrasts so you can experience life fully.
Picture from Photobucket

Picture from Photobucket

Albrecht Durer, was an artist who lived over 543 years ago. He believed that he had a talent and wanted to share it with rich and poor people. His art involved woodcuts, printing, painting and expressions of life from his points of view.
Durer believed that artists were people who brought value to others.
“Occasionally God gives an artist the ability to learn and create something good; and no one like him can be found in his own time, or perhaps ever existed before him or will soon come after him.” – Albrecht Durer
Where Are You in Your Worlds?
You are the “Artist of Your Life.” Yet, how can you see where you are now? Who can help you along the way?   We in coaching would like to be witnesses to your greatness. We can help you discover where you are in your journey. Here are some worlds you may be interested in:

  • Emotional World
  • Physical World
  • Mental World
  • Spiritual World

If you are someone who likes the thought that your life is a tapestry of your creation and you want to add more color and texture, we can walk with you as a guide on your journey of the line. Call Apositiva to schedule a point in time for coaching.
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