No one wants to be a closing business, nor a customer of it. Our sympathies to the business employees and clients of the Positive Changes Hypnosis that closed its doors. Here is a story at on the closing.
We have no affiliation with Positive Changes, but we are alternative therapists who offer hypnotherapy, behavior modification, and coaching for people who want to lives happier and better lives.

Employees of Local Positive Changes

Apositiva is also a training certification and coaching center. One of our graduates from our Certification program in Hypnotherapy/NLP was employed with Positive Changes. She called and spoke with Cat.  We have empathy for your situation, and want to help. If you want to transition into the professional field with your hypnosis community. If  you are an employee, connect with Cat as she wants to be there in your time of need.

Clients of Positive Changes

If you are a client, connect with us as we will give special consideration to people seeking hypnosis. We are in the Portland, Oregon area.  We have graduates from our program all over Oregon and Washington who are looking for opportunities to help.

Free Hug

When you come in for your session, remember to ask for your “Free Hug.”