Laying Fresh Layers with Quiet Time by Cat Wilson

Laying Fresh Layers with Quiet Time by Cat Wilson

Did you ever stop to think … what you were putting into your mind? Then it is time! Let’s talk about laying fresh layers with “Quiet Time”  for you in quiet meditation. It is almost like transcendental meditation.  You allow your mind to be clear for a while.
Every morning, prior to seeing people or getting on the computer, I practice QT or “Quiet Time.”  It is a time when one sits … quietly relaxing the body.  This gives me a fresh layer to prepare me for my day. A continual practice has residual benefits, and I’ll share that with you today.
Daily, we create thousands of neurons in our brain.  However, other people can lay patterns and prints all over it before you have a chance to get your act together.  I enjoy the thought that I can prepare those neurons for a positive thought stream.
Big deal, right? Actually, it is a very big deal.  Imagine that a construction crew lays a fresh coat of cement.  A crowd of people walk on the freshly laid cement before the cement is set and you have a chance to put your “special design” on it. (By the way, thank you, Junior for allowing the photo of your crew this morning!)  The next day, you see the prints from the crowd again, and it feels like they are there just like the previous day.  The next day … the same repeating pattern, reminding you of the crowd.
Positivity! by Cat Wilson

Positivity! by Cat Wilson

Let’s say, you have your own inner construction crew and they are all working together for a positive feeling?  Guess what you get as a base? Yes! Positivity! You can create your own pattern by giving yourself Quiet Time. When finished, stretch, open your eyes, and begin writing or listening to inspiring music.

When to Do Quiet Time

First thing in the morning and sometimes later in the day, too, is a good time to do Quiet Time. I take 20-30 minutes of this delicious experience and bring my thoughts to “Nothingness.”  You want to create a blank space where your thinking is in stillness, peaceful, and serene.


Ta Da! Positivity Layers! by Cat Wilson

Taking a period of time where you turn off the “noise” and sit in a form of Quiet Time, gives you a fresh layer of neurons, where you can then impress your own peaceful thoughts and positive ideas.  When situations arise, you have a more peaceful mind.
A wonderful book called “Three Simple Steps” by Trevor Blake outlines how to do this process of Quiet Time. You can get the book online or get a print copy. Purchasing the book raises money for cancer research. In this book you will read the amazing story about how a man went from rags to riches, using mentality control and his own Quiet Time.
When you take Quiet Time, you are improving your life. Why not take some time and make the world a better place?  Give yourself the gift of Quiet Time. Here are the steps.

Quiet Time

Here is how you can begin and enjoy Quiet Time.

  1. Begin as early as possible.
  2. Put pets in another room.
  3. Get grounded by imagining roots from you connecting to nature.
  4. Clear your energy (call Cat for tips).
  5. Sit peacefully, taking deep, relaxing breathes.
  6. Chase the thoughts away by imagining them floating away.
  7. Sit comfortably for 20 minutes.
  8. At the finish, write your intention for what you want in your life, listen to inspiring messages, or take a walk in nature.

Residual Effects of Quiet Time
The advantages are so numerous!  For one, you will be more peaceful in your day, making you calmer when handling conflict. QT produces a residual layer of strong positivity over time.  A very peaceful nature! The photo below is me having tea today, after standing outside in the rain at the site of a car accident for about an hour. Car parts on the street. Backed up traffic. Police asking questions. You know how stressful a car accident can be. Especially when it is your own.  No matter how safely you drive, there are accidents that happen that you can’t control. This was one where I just had to stay calm. It was especially important, because the man who hit me was dealing with PTSD. Having a layer of positive calm energy really helped!  In the end we all walked away saying, “It’s all going to turn out fine.”  Sometimes one person holds the calm. I’d like to think the anchor was me that brought the peace. Okay, so I look like a wet cat, but I’m still able to smile.
Be all that you can be. Start with you in a quiet space.quiet time Give your brain some new direction with calm and positivity.
Join me in the wee hours of the morning and do your own “Quiet Time.” If you need help getting started and want a recording, come in for a session and we’ll get you going!  I’ll meet you in “Quiet Time.”  You can reach Positive Cat at Apositiva..