Roses are Red, Orchids are Purple

By Cat Wilson
_DSC0284 orchidBusy? Feeling tired? Have you stopped to smell the flowers lately? Rushing through our day can take our breathe away. We need that air to balance our mind and body. I’ve noticed that when I start my day in a hurried pace that it seems to build momentum. By lunchtime I’m exhausted.  There is a better way … one which I’ve noticed makes a substantial difference in the quality of our experience … and that of those people with whom I share time.  Use the moments first thing in your day to create space for the rest of the day. Try this.
o   Find a quiet space, sitting up, relax and breathe. Focus on a beautiful flower or picture if you like and simply be present for about 20 minutes.
o   Listen to your voice inside, be aware of thoughts, then let them pass like clouds blowing by, simply letting yourself be present with the flower.
o   Give yourself a boost by drinking a glass of water (cold, warm, or luke) and let yourself absorb the water in the oxygen. Taste the water. Breathe.
o   When finished, write several positive “I am” statements on a small square of paper. Example: “I am peaceful. I am learning how to breathe deeply.”
Keep it  up daily for a week and see how good it feels. Your mind will be peaceful, your body will begin with a sense of mindfulness, and your friends and whomever you meet with see something lovely in your essence. Maybe red roses and purple orchids.  Remember: You are so much more than you know. Call us for a session and we’ll bloom together:  503-525-0595.
Rich Aanrich in Roses