Sculptors Rock - Remold Your Old Image

Sculptors Rock – Photograph by Richard Lawrence

We are like sculptors, carving ourselves into the image we long for or want. The challenge is that some of us still have old images that get in the way. Good news! You can change that, because life is a process of becoming, so you can remold the image to a better one.
Imagine a life experience as a block of clay.  It’s cold, hard, but pliable.  You are a sculptor of your life. Let’s say that you and another person come in together. You experience states like love and happiness, your smiling face is full of laughter, and you dance in joy!  A happy image – a smooth form!  Then something happens, and you feel sadness and pain to such a level that you cry – it hurts. A broken heart can be as painful – if not more so – than a physical pain.

Research Proves Love Hurts

Recent studies have shown that Social pain is easily “relived,” whereas Physical pain is not.  Notice the words “easily” and “re-lived.” Here is an article “Why Love Literally Hurts” that talks about how emotional hurt is as real as physical pain. Use this link to paste in your browser: )
Let’s take charge and change the old image/memory of ourselves from the inside out.  If you have a painful memory with a person that you “re-live” you may want to remold the image.
If you were a child, you could do it like this:   Your little child-self falls down and scrapes a knee. Running in the house, a loving person (older you) hugs the little one and wipes away tears, rocking until the tearful rain gives way to a deep breath. “Feel better now?”  A little head tearfully nods.  A painful body event is relieved by your sweet social memory. (This is a good time to write a “love letter” to your younger self.

Sculptors Rock – Remold Your Old Image Into a New You

Ok. Let’s take a memory of something that hurts. Close your eyes. Imagine going in with another version of yourself that is feeling loved and courageous. Put your arms around yourself and listen. Listen with compassion. Listen with courage. Listen with humor. After you feel like you’ve shared all your “unsaid” words with this courageous version of you, take a few belly breaths and relax. Hug your other self.  Give yourself a little time to process this new feeling of being heard. Now pretend that you could re-sculpt the image of you and how you react.  Make a more compassionate, courageous and light-hearted (humor-filled) you now.  Do a little dance! Wow!  Sculptors Rock … totally! How is that working for you?

Let’s Get Together and Create!

You are so much more than you know. Love yourself and be an inner sculptor.  Cat Wilson is a Creative Coach who looks for people wanting to make an artistic and creative transition. Would you be willing to change your image, so you can feel happier inside?
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