Sleeping by Intention

IMAG1145It’s 3:33 a.m.  what are you doing up at this time? We all need some rest… some more than others. To sleep is to heal, to mend, to regenerate new cells, to enjoy.  Yet millions of people are up in the middle of the night… waking up or just not getting to sleep. So, today when I woke up, I heated up my cup of hot water, heated a neck wrap and placed that around my shoulders, and picked up a pen to write for you… you who are up… now … wanting to know about sleep.
When you go to sleep, what are you thinking? We set ourselves up for success or … failure in funny ways. Thoughts. Busy, wordy, fussy things that can make you giggle or sigh or imagine or whatever. Selecting the best thoughts for sleep can fuel your bedtime dreams.
Want a better night’s rest?  First, let’s get a handle on some activities or thoughts that get in the way:
Sleeping Cat

  • News:  Are you watching late night news and hearing the latest in scary incidents?
  • Worried about your daughter’s happiness? Thinking about your son pursuing a Master’s Degree in playing the Rain Stick?
  • Lonely and thinking about being lonely and sad that you’ll be lonely forever and your lonely dog doesn’t like anyone but you, and your cat ignores you?

Stop and take a moment to shake loose. (This is your cue. Stand up and Shake everything.) Now, that you feel loosened up. Remember: Your mind and body are being “prepped” before you sleep with your thoughts and intentions. So, pick some good thoughts… by intention … plan good feelings and ideas to flow through you at night.

Prayerful Intentions

I am sad for all the people who are in a place of struggle or unhappy. So, I will pray for you when I’m falling asleep and plan one thing I can do to help. Even if it is sending one dollar to an organization supporting people or sending a happy greeting card.

Imagination Intentions

It is so lonely for so many. I will imagine myself in a ballroom, dancing and smiling for just two minutes with every lonely person in my inner mind and spirit. Please forgive me. I forgive you. Nice dance.

Bored? Plan Fun Intentions

Cat and InstrumentPlan something interesting. Here’s a link to make a Rain Stick. Your cat will enjoy the sound.
And… really… make plans. Plan for awakening at 7:00 a.m., smiling with one happy deep breath, and imagineering a great day! Going into your kitchen and slicing a grapefruit for you and your partner, or making a lovely breakfast of salmon and vegetables or having a chicken breast or slicing a banana to enjoy with cinnamon or just enjoying a hot cup of English Breakfast tea with a dab of honey.  Then playing your Rain Stick!
For every “problem thought” plan whatever simple way you can to “help” or “change” or “forgive.” Imagine sleeping all through the night  now and letting your prayers and imagined ideas reach their recipients. Enjoy your night (or day if you work nights).
2010-Hypno-Rich-DVDHypnosis for Sleep
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