Spring Cleaning Therapy

To Do ListProcrastinating about cleaning? Boxes waiting to be sorted, shredded?  Dust bunnies rolling around like tumbleweed? Stuff to do taking up your idea creation space? Well, procrastinate no longer, you are about to get a lift!

To Do List

I made a list of things to do, including spring cleaning, taxes, and business to do’s.  And you know how it is… if you give yourself enough stuff to do … eventually it will get to you!

Break Time

Just when I reached the starting position in procrastinating in getting into the Spring Cleaning, I realized I needed a break. So, I went to my local cafe and relaxed with a newspaper. Getting away right before I begin a task with a break is one of my coaching strategies to getting started. Then… an article found me. Just what I needed! A distraction!

Peace of Mind Benefits

In the Wall Street Journal on March 20th, Ellen Byron wrote the article The Cleanest House of All , and listed some amazing benefits of cleaning!  It’s therapeutic! Now studies by the Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia report that we can benefit in just 20 minutes of cleaning a day. It offers Peace of Mind like psychological benefits such as:

  • Sense of Control
  • Achievement
  • Exercise
  • Taking Care of the Family
  • Nostalgia

The benefits above are really good ones. In the article, one woman reported that when her work was done and things shined that it was just as good as a candy bar. That makes it a weight release program.

Get Busy

I’d like to tell you more, but I am really motivated to get some things done!  The next time you find yourself needing a boost, find a corner to clean and feel some achievement. If you want to learn more about coaching,  our coach training program Growing Coach Training begins April 19 – 21st.   It is Time to Get Busy! Call us at 503-525-0595 or Sign Up Here.