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How Can I Help?Apositiva is a place for people who want creative, interactive training.  Are you interested in playing in learning and having other people give you feedback and experience? Then we may be the right place for you.
In the Pacific Northwest, Apositiva (formerly A Positive Change) has been serving the Portland, Oregon area and attracting students from as far as Argentina, China, and Australia to our fun, empowering and growing courses.


We are affiliates with The Oregon Hypnotherapy Association (OHA) and have been for over 20 years.  Since before 2001, we have provided Affiiate training for people wanting certification to join The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). Our courses meet all the requirements, plus we provide over 50 additional hours, including NLP, EFT, script writing, production, and mindmapping to name a few. In addition, our coursework is built to provide hypnosis and hypnotherapy, amidst over 20 years of practicing instructors.  Then we go beyond with our advanced courses in working with children, Age Regression, and more.


When you step into the world of Neuro-linguistic Programming at Apositiva, you are walking with Masters. Rich Aanrich has trained with all the founders and more including Mr. Bandler, Mr. Grinder, Mr. Dilts, Mr. Hall, Mr. Halboom, Ms. Smith, Ms. Delozier, and many, many, many more. His partner Cat Wilson has also trained and been in association with NLP leaders since 1992 and was one of the four (4) recipients of the NLP World Award.
We know that you can get training for these and many other courses in many places. We just want you to know that we are locally based in Portland, Oregon.  Our classes are fun and interesting, and our students and clients go on to do many wonderful achievements.
It’s “You” that we are here for, and this is why most of our classes are designed  for small (6-12) interactions that give plenty of attention to our students. Yes, it is true that we have held large workshops of 55 to 85 people, and that we bring in exceptional talent such as Michael Hall to teach Genius courses.


How do you make a dream come true? What makes it possible to be of more service to a human, even when they are a continent away?  Coaching. It is not consulting, not therapy, not training, it is a specific way to guide people, and still allow them to own all their ideas. You are so much more than you know.
How did Apositiva’s Coaching Certification class come about? Cat Wilson, Rich Aanrich, Dr. Marci Nemhauser and Michelle Rios were all a part of the development of our coaching course. It is Board Certified by CCE, and thereby accredited for counselors, professionals, etc. who want this additional stamp of approval.  Our coaching course includes Life Coaching, Transformational, Executive Coaching, Health Coaching, and Vision Coaching.


You deserve to prosper... Begin in your mind.

You deserve to prosper… Begin in your mind.

Ask anyone who has ever come to a class here if they have experienced Mindmapping in a class of any kind and you will get a smile of happiness.  You see, we know that there is more than one way to learn and express yourself and create. Cat Wilson is a master of visual communication with local businesses, non-profits, small businesses, and individuals seeking more creativity and “flow” in their minds. It’s fun, it’s useful, and you’ll get it here.


Do these look like happy people having fun?
When you think about “Personal Development” and imagine fun workshops…  and want to wake up your mind, we hope you will choose Apositiva in Portland, Oregon for  your learning experience. Whether it be Hypnotherapy, Neural-linguistic Programming, Coaching, Mind-mapping, or our specialty courses such as “Courage to Prosper,” “Pediatric Coaching,” “Life-scripting Journey,” and more, call us and visit us. You are our priority and we go beyond the “inth” degree to make you feel at home and at ease.
JOIN US.  Please let us know how we can help you. Our focus is to be your choice, because we care about you and listen. CALL 503-525-0595 to reach us at Apositiva Training Center. Welcome, we look forward to meeting you soon!
Thank you!