Cat callRing! Ring! Ring! Phone calls can startle us! It takes you out of the moment. What is the call bringing? Challenge or joy? The uncertainty can drive the thoughts to strange places. Anxiety. Fear. Surprise. Your mind and body respond with primal stress. You can prepare yourself to drive your body with more calm and focus. Take a moment and breathe.
Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hahn offers a way to prepare yourself. Before you take a call stop and breathe. When you hear the ringing, singing cellphone or telephone, pause and take three (3) breathes. This practice brings your focus back into your body. It releases stress, bringing body and mind to the present moment.
When life calls you to action you want to be your highest and best. Before you respond to a ringing phone, pause, breathe, smile, and answer with presence. With practice your response will feel more relaxed for you and your caller. Harmonious.
Be in full form and enjoy more harmony in your communications. Before you take the call, pause … breathe … breathe … breathe. Enjoy your calls.