Our Animal Dancer
If you could have a conversation with your pet, how would that go?  Dr. Doolittle could talk to the animals, why not you?
Recently, we watched a video that opened our eyes to a new thought: “The animal world is connected with us.”  What if all the animals could hear you? How would I be different with them?  In this video we watched a woman who used to be into computers, software and the information technology world. Then, something changed. She is now a full time “Animal Communicator.”  She can speak with baboons, tigers, birds, and other animals, and they respond to her. This is more common than you might know.
When I went to software training classes last year, I met a wonderful lady who said she could communicate with people’s pets. Hearing what they told her surprised the woman, who was a retired elementary school teacher. She told me about several instances she communicated with people’s pets, and one in particular where a friend’s pet rats communicated to her at night, and asked her to get a hold of their owner quickly. The pet was ill and about to pass on. They wanted to speak with their owner to tell her how much they loved her. What a lovely message!  The  only thing is … how do you tell someone that their pet just contacted you with such a message? In order to hear the woman’s message and act on it, you would need to take on a new paradigm. Animals communicate with humans.
Intuition and Communication
Do you receive insight and ideas through intuition?  For instance, you can’t explain it, but you decide to take a different route to work on a “feeling.”  After  you arrive at work, people are relieved and tell you there was an accident they heard about on your normal route; they were worried that you were part of it. You look back and realized you listened to an inner voice. A good reminder that sometimes logic isn’t a part of inner communication;  trust your inner voice and follow it. Maybe your dog is looking at you with a genuine intensity.  You look back and suddenly it is as if you “felt,” “heard,” “got something” from your dog in a message.
My mother frequently says to me when I call, “How did you know I was thinking about you? I was just going to call!”  Well, I had a feeling, so I followed it.  This inner voice is something we all have access to and it plays well with your body, mind, and spirit.  All  you need do is trust this invisible part of you to give you special answers … even before you have the question.
The video I mentioned is wonderful.  Please take the time to see it and share it, as I have a feeling that we are all being called to a higher calling.  If you are one of those people with your “inner voice” giving you insights throughout the day, this film will feel clear and comfortable to watch.
Open to a new paradigm: We can all communicate … when we are open to listen.
LINK TO “The Animal Communicator – SPIRIT and Anna Breytenbach”:   Click HERE for Animal Communicator will remind you that we are all one. This brief segment shows how Anna communicates with a panther.
For full 52 minutes on Click HERE for YouTube: The Human Communicator (Human Power).