Visual Recording is Eye Candy

Cat Wilson Visual Recorder

Imagine students sitting and listening to a lecture on changing beliefs. Some of the participants doodled, some used colorful pens and took notes, and some mind mapped their speaker’s lecture. It’s all good here!
In this class were educators, retired doctors, sales people, holistic healers, business executives, and others who were interested in the topic discussed. What was interesting about this group is that they all shared, collaborated, and grew ideas out of the lecture with fun visuals. Students later reported they remembered more with Cat Wilson’s  visual recording of the lecture which the instructor created during the lecture.
Mind mapping and Visual Recording have been used for training at Apositiva for over 10 years. Based in Portland, Oregon in the Johns Landing area, Cat Wilson and Dr. Marci Nemhauser teach coaches how to  use processes to help coaching clients. They include visual recording processes in the experiential learning process because it enhances memory and creativity. Students frequently snap photos with phones and ipads and e-pads to print out with their notes. People report that they remember so much with these fun diagrams.
When Cat and Rich Aanrich give NLP and Hypnosis Training in Portland, Oregon they present classes in several classrooms of their center.  Enhanced with music, videos and lots of pens and paper the classes are enriching and deliciously fun!
Culture is changing more rapidly. Businesses such as Standard Insurance, Tri-Met, as well as training consultants, have called upon Cat to help with team building and brain storming using visual processes to help create connection.  It is true that computer graphic interfaces have charting programs, and yet there is a creative and intuitive element to the hands on process that seems to bridge problems to solutions.
We could tell you, but we’d rather show you. Call Cat and she will offer you a cup of tea and 30 minutes of a free sample of this Eye Candy.
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