Everyone Needs Inspiration - by Cat Wilson

Everyone Needs Inspiration – by Cat Wilson

As you know, life is not perfect.  Everyone experiences ups and downs in the process of life.

We All Need Inspiration

Counting the days until an event such as birthdays, holidays, and special events can be inspiring.  Knowing that there is a short time before we arrive helps us on the journey.
Social media users post inspiration by famous people, authors, actors, and spiritual leaders.  It’s what we do when we are looking for perspective.

Need Mojo?

Personally, I find that when I need more mojo, or energy, I need to push myself in a skill. Recently I have rediscovered “sketching” and “stretching” my drawing skills. Grabbing pens and paper, I find a cafe where I can sit and focus on people in a scene. My drawing skills are rusty, but every time I commit the pen or pencil to paper and finish a picture I feel inspired. Are the drawings perfect? Nope. Yet, I’m feeling inspired! I even give the drawings away, and the people seem to like them. It’s inspiring to them! How about that!


Sharing Ideas - by Cat Wilson

Sharing Ideas – by Cat Wilson

As a child, I used to dream of pleasing people with my art. The dream fell by the wayside when some people told me that art was just a hobby.  So, I learned how to type and gained business skills, because I was told “these” were the ways to make a living, not drawing.
Yet, why did life feel incomplete, boring, uninspired? Business skills should have provided me with everything, right? Actually, I needed to return to a creative endeavor I loved, drawing. My dream of being an artist! How far would that take me?  Who knows?  When you are doing something, because it brightens your spirit, makes your heart skip a beat, and you feel like your day is brighter because you took 20 minutes to do something – this is inspiring!
Creative expression is one of the most important needs of a human being. Each and every one of you are special and have unique talents and desires. Pick something that elevates you! Go and watch someone doing a skill that you’d like to imagine having yourself.
Do not choose to be like everyone else, developing the same interests and skills.  Grab a dream and play with it.

Live an inspired life by having more fun!

Inspired by Drawing - Photo by R.H. Wilson

Cat Inspired by Drawing – Photo by R.H. Wilson

Living an inspired life can be realizing you have a dream.
Do you have a dream? Are you moving towards it? You can call us for a sample coaching session – they are free. See if you have enough mojo to fuel a more satisfying life. Wouldn’t that be inspiring?!  Imagine what a fulfilling experience could be for you.
If you heard the small voice inside you say, “Yay!” how would the rest of your day go?
Remember that dreams are the passion that moves you forward. Grab a dream. Enjoy your passion!