How to Get More …

Smell the Roses

Roses. Sweet, beautiful, a symbol of love. Right there in front of us. Are you noticing the roses?
What we notice in our foreground (what is right in front of us) may be different than what we notice in our background (behind us). One view may be out of our focus because we are “internal” and processing ideas or feelings. We may not notice what else is around us, but what if we could become more “present”?
If we are feeling worried or angry, sad, unfocussed, we can “shift” to the place where we want.
Sit with me for a few moments and play. That’s right … let’s play. Let’s say I’m working on a project and I run out of ideas. I am staring at the paper, expecting another idea to surface. NLP Practitioners know that we can “shift” by turning our attention to another location.  Our mind discovers more, creates more, brings us more!   Below is an exercise in “Eye Accessing,” and can give you more perspective and break a “state” that is less resourceful and give you more resources in a matter of seconds!

Simple Eye Accessing Exercise:

o  Look up and to the right (Create Visual)
o  Shift eyes to ear level and move left and right and left and right and listen (Hear)
o  Look down to lower left and ask, “What am I Thinking?” (Internal Thought)
o  Look down to right and ask, “Hmmm… what do I feel?” (Body Sense)
o  Look up to right and create a better picture (Desired View)
o  Look lower left and create a new thought (I can)
o Look upper right, see it, look upper left, store it! (Saved in Library)

How did that go for you?

Did you get a new perspective? Did you see or hear something different? Have you noticed more of your foreground (in front of you) or background (around you)?
Okay! Now that you’ve begun to create a newer and better view. You may have some higher ideas. Perhaps your foreground and background will look different now?  This is why people come to Apositiva for NLP Training in Portland – because you can learn  “how to fish” for your own resources.

Learning how to smell the roses is a good beginning!

Using simple and effective experiential exercises YOU can “shift” from one “state” to another “state” of experience that gives you what you want. How? By learning how to apply yourself better. Learning how to smell the roses is a good beginning! Have you tried the Portland Rose Gardens? Click here for a lovely view and song at the Portland Rose Gardens site!  You can imagine how extraordinary a rose is, or can be, or how amazing some become. Getting a real rose in your view can convince you that if it is possible for this, then it is possible for another rose to achieve such beauty. This is true for you, too. (smile)

How to Get More… 

Come to a FREE evening to smell the roses with Cat and Rich at Apositiva Institute. Our classes and events meet the needs to many learners.
Be our Guest on Thursday, July 26th, 2012 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, when we present a little fun, food (non-gluten), and frolic with an Introduction to NLP and Hypnosis. Space is open for the curious.
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