When a Hero’s Conundrum becomes a Training Dilemma
by Rich Aanrich
Rich Aanrich

1. Conundrum:
a confusing and difficult problem or question.
1. Dilemma:
a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives,
Recently Cat and I were out walking and discussing the possibilities and the challenges of being in a profession where the ground keeps shifting around us. We enjoy the fact that we have been around longer, twenty-five years, and have probably taught more classes than any other Hypnotherapy/NLP/Coaching company in the Northwest. On the positive side we have gained many students both laymen and professional because of this experience and expertise.
The challenge in today’s market experience and expertise isn’t as noticeable.  Almost anyone can take a weekend or weekend course and with a website can, and do, offer to teach, consult or offer training courses.
So, one conundrum is in having really quality programs to offer and all of a sudden it isn’t enough. Cat finds herself spending hours a week on social media, blogging, videos, fielding phone calls…along with all the administration, graphic design, communication, legalities and bookkeeping requirements. She is an artist, a writer, a presenter, and a therapist. Do you keep doing what got you here, or redirect your energies? And … do you even have the time and energy to do it?
Freedom to present new creative material, and doing it our way comes with a price. Our programs do not use a template; Cat, who is an instructional designer and artist, wants to meet everyone’s needs in a memorable way.  I know, I know…  what did we expect when we took this route? After all, we only work half days … we can choose any 12 hours a day we want. It comes along with the territory, right?
The dilemma is how do you move forward to creating even better courses when the current demands of running a business also require teaching the standard courses, which are more and more being whittled away by so many newbies’ many, who haven’t been in the business even a couple years? Then which courses are in demand and how and to whom do you market them? Realistically it is also requires a lot of trial and error, which also requires, time, money, testing and regrouping, more energy from the reservoir, etc.
So part of the dilemma for us all is how do you move ahead while one foot needs to stay on the gas pedal, while one foots on the brake and another is trying to test drive other vehicles just to stay even or hopefully jump ahead.
We have some ideas and one is happening on 9/11. We invite anyone who wants to see where they are in the “Hero’s Journey” to come check out an evening of discovery and growth. According to Joseph Campbell “Hero with a Thousand Faces”, we are all somewhere on our own hero’s journey…where in the “six” steps are you? Are you stuck, or moving forward, where, and what’s next?
We’d love to take you on a quest a “Hero’s Journey!” We work together by using proven processes.  Hypnotherapy and it’s cousin NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be amazing ships to help you navigate your Innerspace. You can redesign or redefine your Expectations and get a better outcome. Let me show you how. Discover how.
Connect with us. Call Rich or Cat at Apositiva for Counseling, Coaching and Training 503-525-0595 or email me at rich@apositiva.com.
We look forward to being your guide.