IMG_4883When I was a young, I thought about people a lot.  Can someone help Daddy to quit smoking?  My brother is really annoying; I wonder if he could get help to be nicer to me.  My friend bites her fingernails (me, too). I wonder if there is a way to stop? These are a few of the ways the Certified Hypnotist helps people.
Children struggling with school, bed-wetting, and family challenges with ADHD, Autism and more benefit from Hypnotherapy. Apositiva has a special 2-day class for certifying in Pediatric Hypnotherapy.
Are You Looking for Hypnosis Training in Oregon? Yes? If you want to learn onsite in a comfortable atmosphere where people bond, talk, instructors show you the way, then Apositiva is the local place for Portland Hypnotherapy training and Portland NLP training.
Rich Aanrich and Cat Wilson are experienced trainers.  Our classes are small (under 12) and you get lots of help in learning. It is true that you will be practicing what you learn here, so you will have a sense of what this hypnosis thing is about.
Come see us. We are located in the John’s Landing area of Portland, Oregon. Classes are held on the week-ends. We hold live webinars on Wednesday and in person classes on Saturday and Sunday.

2011-03-05 18.05.06Who comes to Apositiva for learning Hypnosis?

Professionals, medical practitioners, everyday life learners.  What’s more is that it’s fun and relaxed in our atmosphere and many discussions are held in the fireplace room long after class is over.  People like to hang out and talk. That says something.
Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is part of our program, so you can finish with two (2) certifications.  Some people like chocolate and some people like vanilla, but wouldn’t it be nice to have more than one choice? People use NLP in business and  personal communication and managing health and life changes.
Apositiva’s Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy training is accepted by National Guild of Hypnotists and Oregon Hypnotherapy Association, as well as NLP Associations around the world. We offer a full course in hypnotherapy, hypnosis, NLP processes, and so much more! We focus on client centered, goal and result-oriented hypnosis training using well formed outcomes.
We playfully teach Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Alchemical, Transformational Hypnosis, Regression, Children’s Hypnosis, Pain Control, and various Hypnosis Techniques. The curriculum includes specialized classes such as Mindmapping, Therapeutic Listening, Image Work, Script-writing, EFT, and more!
2-83C808A1-1279117-800Can You Be Hypnotized to Hold This Car Up?
Well, maybe not hold a car in your hand like this man, but you can learn to help people in many ways? (It’s an optical allusion anyway.) (smile)
Come visit our training center and ask to see our colorful and interesting manual. We are available Tuesday through Sunday for visits. Call in advance. We are a full-time center and meet with clients for sessions.
Scholarship information is available for students looking for assistance.
Become a Hypnotherapist and Be an NLP Practitioner, too! Look here for information on upcoming Apositiva Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis certification begins February 26-28th, 2016. Call now to get registered and enjoy your life and help others enjoy theirs!