How do you know you are awake?  I mean, really aware and enlightened?  What is the story you carry inside you?
I watched a Spiritual Cinema Circle movie called “A Monk’s Awakening” on Motivation Thursday here at Apositiva. This is an early, early morning time when I sit with colleagues and friends. We play a motivational video or read passages in books, discussing enlightening topics and discuss our motivational calls for more action.  We learn from each other synergisticaly and get motivated. Let me tell you more about the story in the movie.
horseman-2-cutout_705 SamuriThe story was about a monk’s journey (which was assigned by a Master) in delivering his Master’s sword. He had to walk for eight days to deliver it. While he was on this journey he came upon a Samurai who vowed to kill the first 100 men who crossed his field. Uh oh. Bad time to be in the field.
Now, my question in the story begins with:  “Why would someone make a vow like that?”  It’s cruel and undeserving for the unsuspecting, wayward traveler.  It’s nonsensical. Yet, people make vows to do things all the time, which do not make sense as the years go by.  Have you vowed to do something that actually hurts more than it helps? Politics, careers, religions, etc. can all ask you to carry out acts. Perhaps the question of integrity you may want to explore inside is, “what vows have I made and do they hurt more than they help?”
I wouldn’t want to take the pleasure of you watching this video, but I will tell you that the young monk is challenged by the Samurai in the field. In the young monk’s moment of awakening he finds courage after making his own promise and carrying that out virtuously.  What did this take?  Perhaps awakening by “awakening” the spirit in the Samurai.  Even helping the Samurai to make a new story for himself.
You may be curious about the Samurai, and in that case you may want to visit the special exhibit (till January 12, 2014) in Portland, Oregon:  Samurai Exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. Just as a note, there is a FREE family day on Sunday, November 17th, 2013 from 12:00 noon through the afternoon. Check out the Free Family and Community Day link at PAM.

Back to Our Story

Stories of life in other cultures reveal their values. The stories we walk around and tell ourselves reveal your values. So, my questions to you are:

  • In your life story – what are you telling yourself?
  • Is this story serving you and awakening courage, integrity, virtue? 
  • What is your current story bringing you?

Write. Create. Thrive

Take the time now to write a few notes to yourself about your story. Read it aloud to yourself as you look in the mirror. Next share it with a friend. Is it the story you want, one that was placed on your shoulders, or is it one of those stories that need to be changed?  You can change your story.  Many people I meet here at Apositiva strive to create a life worth living and get confused as to what that means. Your life is a time for you to thrive and create all you see that can use your gifts, your talents, and your passions.  This is your time to not strive, but thrive!

Awaken Your Inner Samurai

What inner story can motivate you? Begin today with a sense of making a positive change that can awaken the inner Samurai.  If you find your path is one to learning to be more masterful, call us and find out what it takes to be a Master in NLP or a Master Coach.  If you want to take time to discover we can do that with Life Coaching or Transformational Coaching. Call us here at Apositiva at 503-525-0595. Go forth and prosper in your awakening.